Chen Ailian: in order to be tender, she stuffed two balls of cotton in her mouth

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chen ailian order tender stuffed

Turn on all kinds of TV dramas , Almost half of the country is youth idol drama , The protagonists are in their early twenties , Emphasis on Drama , Around them are senior opera bones , But only a small part . After all, when they played the leading role , Are still young . With age , Just a little away from the protagonist , Become twice , Triad , Even beyond seven or eight times , Can only lift a sedan chair for the younger generation .

Some are older , Now the coffee is quite good , For example, Zhang Ziyi , Come down to play... Under the title of a movie man 《 Shangyang fu 》 Wang Yu in , In order to meet the protagonist's personal design , Forced concave convex girlish feeling , Coquettish and cute , It led to a group of people being discouraged .

Another example , Zhou Xun's 《 If taken the 》, At the age of 40, she also plays Ruyi in her girlhood , It brings a sense of disobedience to everyone .

And Carina Lau and Jiang Xin 《 Deep love comes from 》, Although their acting skills are still good , But it's forced to be tender , It still brings great discomfort to people .

Count so many rollovers , Does it mean over 40 , Really have no chance to be the protagonist praised by everyone ?

Actually , Is not the case, .

There's a good script , Good acting and empathy , It can still present a very wonderful work .

Years have left traces on the faces with stories , But it also brings them wonderful life experience , This is a charm that young people can't deduce .

《 A generation of Queen Da yu'er 》 It is the memory of many people's childhood , I think pan yingzi was really beautiful at that time , But at that time, when pan yingzi played the role of Da yu'er, she had 42 Year old . Her eyes are clear , There's light in my eyes , It feels like da yu'er himself .

2003 Shot in 《 Hidden land 》, The beautiful and miserable Yin Tianxue inside was made by 37 Chen Farong, 20, plays , Although older , But there is no sense of disobedience in the play , On the contrary, it fits very well with this role , The acting is also very good , Crying drama has a strong sense of substitution , Let people have empathy .

thus it can be seen , Age is not the limit of life , Only a breakthrough , In order to better interpret their beliefs .

But more often , People are bound by that framework , Do things with fear of hands and feet .

1984 year , There have been people because of their age , Keep muttering in my heart , Over forty , Is it really necessary to stay on the stage ? Do you still have your own home ?

she , Chen Ailian , One of the founders of dance in New China , First class actors .

1939 Born in Shanghai , When I was young, my parents died and I went to an orphanage in Shanghai with my sister , Lack of family warmth .

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