Remark "Zhang Ergou" to his girlfriend, and his wife has been looking for "fox spirit" for 20 years, and took a photo in the street

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remark zhang ergou girlfriend wife


Eileen chang once said :“ I thought love could fill the regrets of life , But create more regrets , It's just love .”

Many people regard love as eternity , Later, it was found that , Love has a shelf life , When you don't notice , It has become qualitative .

How to face the deteriorating love , Everyone has a different opinion , Some people choose to turn around and leave , Some people have been unable to come out .

Zhang Yufen is the one who can't get out , Therefore, I have sympathy for women who have experienced similar experiences , she 20 Professional search for “ bitch ”, Become a heroine in the hearts of many people .

When I first got married , Zhang Yufen also has a sweet love .

She teaches her husband and children at home , The husband is busy outside , Give her... Every month 3000 living expenses , She thought such a day could last forever .

One day she was cleaning her room , In the husband's old address book , Found a picture , The picture shows a young girl , It says on the reverse :“ I hope we still have a chance to meet again , Happy memories .”

She felt blood pouring into her forehead , Calm down , Decided to wait until her husband came back to ask .

After dinner , The husband sat on the sofa playing with his cell phone , She went over and handed him the picture , The husband sat up straight .

It took a long time to tell her , It's a customer , After the cooperation project, non fortress gave him a picture , He accepted it because he was embarrassed to refuse .

Zhang Yufeng doesn't believe , Which customer will send photos ? She said deliberately and gently :“ I just want to know why , If it's a thing of the past , I won't pursue , But don't hide me .”

The husband thought , Or tell her the truth , She said she was a female classmate in College , I have a crush on him , After a classmate party , Drink too much wine together , Later they separated , I haven't seen you again , Let Zhang Yufen forgive herself , And generously handed her the cell phone , Said you could check at any time .

Zhang Yufen's mind is buzzing , But I don't want to turn my face , She can't let go of the marriage , And young children can't live without a father .

after that , Zhang Yufen has more heart , Every day my husband comes home , Will quietly look through his cell phone , He also installed surveillance in his car , See if he has any indecent behavior .

There was a time , My husband comes home on time every day , And take her hand for a walk , Give her all kinds of small gifts , It looks like marriage is back to normal , Only Zhang Yufen knows , The husband's heart is not in himself .

Once , She turned on a on her husband's cell phone “ Zhang Ergou ” The contact , Find a set of conversations , I can't bear it anymore , It turned out that the husband remarked that the other party was “ Zhang Ergou ”, From the chat records , They haven't been disconnected .

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