How long are Chen Turin's legs? When she put on her briefs, the airport student was stunned

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long chen turin legs briefs

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After that, Turin Chen began to set foot in the field of performing arts ,2015 Starring in his personal film debut 《 Left ear 》, The film was nominated for best new actress in the Shanghai film critic Award , A little famous in the film and television industry , Attracted many netizens' attention .

Then he took out many film and television works one after another , Whether it's a suspense 《 Twins 》, Or modern drama 《 July and ansheng 》 etc. , Are quite impressive ; Then he co starred in the TV series with Hawick Lau 《 it is life 》, It has also attracted the attention of many netizens .

It has been several years since Chen Turin started his career , Although acting is not particularly brilliant , But it's also regular , Within the acceptable range of netizens ; And her own pure spirit temperament has become a plus , Fresh, natural, flexible and elegant , Become the man in the house's mind “ The goddess ”.

Have excellent appearance conditions , It also makes her have a strong ability to control all kinds of clothes , Show up at the airport this time , Private clothes look It's beautiful and eye-catching ; Simple but not simple , Leisure, generous and beautiful legs , Who doesn't like such a Turin ?

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