The shepherd boy was too happy. When Chen Doudou took off her glasses and put on her wedding dress, netizen: let's go in a group to get married

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shepherd boy happy. happy chen

Friends who like watching small videos should be familiar with Chen Doudou , She is a very lovely and funny little sister , Not only people have a sweet voice, but also they sing very well , A smile is very healing , At present, she is KS It also has nearly 30 million fans , It can be said to be a good first sister anchor . It has been revealed that recently, Chen Doudou is also preparing to join LOL Mobile tour Summoner Canyon , It caused a heated discussion among netizens .

In recent days, KS It is officially announced that it will be in 8 month 7 Friday night 8 Point to a canyon goddess season , At that time, Chen Doudou and sister Huoxian will be invited to the Canyon , And the best friend red sauce came to help , The three will work together LOL Mobile Games open black activities , What kind of sparks will the three spark , Everyone is looking forward to , But before that , Many netizens were attracted by a video of Chen Doudou .

We all know that some time ago, the shepherd boy once boldly showed his love to Chen Doudou , Although they have no formal relationship , But CP Feels dye-in-the-wood , The sweet picture is very good , The shepherd boy is more sincere , For voting heart, put the luxury car 、 room 、 All the bank cards were taken out , As a token of your confession , It can be said that there is no reservation , Therefore, they have become the pair that fans want to match up most .

Interestingly, at the same time , Chen Doudou is KS Posted a video on , In the video, she suddenly took off her glasses she had been wearing , Also put on a very dreamy and beautiful wedding dress , This stunned the fans , Chen Doudou is getting married ?

I have to say that Chen Doudou's face value after taking off her eyes is not reduced at all , Even better than before , Delicate facial features, white skin , Then put on a dress , It's as pure as an angel . Netizens looked at it and shouted envy , The shepherd boy is too happy , Let's team up to get married ?

In fact, most people's eyes become smaller after taking off their glasses , Your appearance will be pulled down a little , But Chen Doudou doesn't have this problem , A pair of big eyes are bright and clear , No wonder the shepherd boy is excited , And after such a long time , The shepherd boy didn't seem to give up , I often find opportunities to meet and interact with Chen Doudou , True love is no doubt .

Melon skin theory :

Of course, netizens are most concerned about the next hot wire sister Chen Doudou and red sauce LOL Mobile tour , What kind of challenges will the three goddesses encounter in the mobile tour Summoner Canyon ? You'll see !

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