Ran Yingying appeared in a golden suit with several layers of fat on her waist. Isn't this her aunt?

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ran yingying appeared golden suit

Now the styles of clothes are more and more diverse , Many people choose different clothes , Maybe most girls prefer to wear skirts , After all, if you wear a skirt , It seems that the smell of women on the whole person will be more intense , And the skirt will highlight your figure , Others may prefer to wear suits , But suits are not elastic , If you wear it on your body , It will fit your body better , This time, ran Yingying appeared in front of everyone in a golden suit .

Ran Yingying appeared in a golden suit , There are several layers of fat on the waist , This figure is aunt , You can see this time , It's sitting on a sofa chair , And her feet are separated , In this way, it will appear that the lower pair is retreating , It doesn't look that long , But the overall posture is still more elegant .

And inside is wearing a black dress , The choice of this dress is lace design , A black and gold suit is matched outside , The suit glittered in the light , But to be honest, wearing this suit really pulled out several layers of fat .

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