Ma Rong appeared for the first time after being scolded live? Sun selfie beautiful photos, Du Zui sells cute, suspected that the P picture is too much

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ma rong appeared time scolded

8 month 8 There are many female stars' birthdays in the entertainment circle on this day , Faye Wong 、 Zhang Yuqi 、 Liyan tong 、 Ni Ni lived on the same day , Tong Liya and Ni Ni got on the hot search because they took beautiful photos , Days later, Faye Wong has always been very low-key , So I didn't get a birthday photo , Zhang Yuqi didn't celebrate her birthday , It's estimated that I went with my little boyfriend in private .

On this day, Wang Baoqiang's ex-wife Ma Rong , I also took birthday photos on the social platform , And a caption : Time does not give up 、 Sunshine in the eyes 、 Smile in magnanimous 、 The heart is love , And frankly, today , Continue to be a strong 、 brave 、 Happy girl , Ma Rong also said , I don't want to grow up , Then spoil yourself until you are old .

Now 35 Ma Rong , And call yourself a girl , It's really exaggerated , And she's already a mother of two , But Ma Rong's dress was quite fashionable that day , She was dressed in black T T-shirt , Pink hair looks very old , Ma Rong stared very wide , Put one hand on your hair to sell cute , In great shape .

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