Zhao Wei and Lin Xinru won simply, wearing a suit as short as shorts and long legs

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zhao wei lin xinru won

I don't know if you feel this way , Men and women of the same height stand together , Girls always look taller than boys , That's because most girls , Will intentionally or unintentionally modify their proportion , This also clearly illustrates a problem , Skillfully use dressing skills , Can make your proportion look better .

once , Zhao Wei wins with Lin Xinru , Wear a suit as short as shorts , Long legs take away the lens , It can be seen that the charm of leg length . The longer the leg lines , The more it makes people look tall . This article , Sister cat came to solve a practical problem , How to dress longer legs .

One 、 How to dress longer legs

① Choose open toe sandals , Don't wrap your shoelaces around your ankles

The choice of shoes is a key factor in lengthening the leg line , But it is often ignored by everyone . Want to show leg length , Try not to wear ankle straps , It will visually divide your leg proportions , There is no extension at the ankle and instep , Instead, people will focus their attention on your ankle , Cause the visual focus to move down , Maybe you just casually chose a pair of happy shoes , But the design of the bandage will cause a series of chain reactions , Let you short your legs first .

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