Deyunse little brother said hi, which once again triggered a hot discussion on the Internet. Entertainment should have a bottom line

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deyunse little brother said hi

Now the live broadcasting industry is advancing by leaps and bounds , It can be said that it has replaced many traditional media industries to a certain extent . In the live broadcasting industry , The same storm , Many well-known anchors have emerged . And as a game anchor , Deyun color is undoubtedly a very successful combination . Whether you are their fan or not , But I must have heard their names . so to speak , The energy of these people is abundant in the whole society , Their words and deeds are enough to affect many people .

But recently , Deyunse has committed a principled problem . That's why they're on the air , The workers declared long live the great Japanese Empire . Although fans defend them , Say it's just a simple joke , But obviously , Some things can't be joked , One word covers up the past . In the past , There were many famous anchors because of this problem . And have to leave the live broadcasting industry .

There are many things in China that can't be joked about , For example, the problem of national feelings and Martyrs . Before that , Deyun color was once revealed . Blatantly abusing fans and abetting fans to abuse other anchors during the live broadcast . But these people generally think that it is just a matter of personal quality . But this time we can't just cover up the past with quality problems .

Even a local ruffian , You asked him about his feelings for Japan , It must be very disgusting . But deyunse, as the anchor of tens of millions of people's Congress , Dare to shout long live Japanese imperialism in the live studio ! Then their moral integrity is not as good as local ruffians ? They were born in such a country . But so indifferent to the painful history of the country . Think carefully , It's creepy . If in the past , It's not too much to label them as traitors . so to speak , Such behavior will be despised by the whole society .

Many people think that this may be because young people are not sensible , But obviously , Deyunse people can no longer be called young people . They have their own family , Have your own children . Who can think of what kind of education these people will instill in their children ? Children who grew up in such an environment , Under the words and deeds of parents , What will become ? We dare not think of these .

Today's Deyun color , It is no longer possible to avoid these problems . For fans , For society , They must give an account . China's bottom line must not be tarnished .

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