Cai Shaofen is really suitable for wearing bright colors. She looks good when others don't wear good orange. The key point is very white

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cai shaofen really suitable wearing

# Fashion is around ## What to wear today #

For summer , Many little sisters are enjoying air conditioning and watermelon wifi, But that's all ? Does not ! And beautiful flower clothes !

So for floral clothes , It's not just about " flowers ", And color , Although many people like the advanced and atmosphere of basic colors , But in summer , It'll be a little dull , So some light and bright colors , Why don't you arrange it quickly ?

But some people will think , Bright color clothes will look a little fancy visually , And it's not suitable for older women , It will seem a little contrary .

But fashion has never had too many definitions and constraints , As long as you look good , All colors OK Of , And in summer , It's really suitable to wear some bright colors , And that seems to be the only way , To be a complete summer , Had a wonderful summer .

And bright colored clothes , It can not only shape the visual focus , It can also produce more foreign style and delicacy , It also looks younger when wearing , In short, that is " I can't fly out , The world of flowers "!

For all that , Some people still think light color is or Bright colored clothes , It looks a little fancy , And some colors are really challenging ! So it's a little old-fashioned to wear , It doesn't look exquisite at all .

In fact, Xiaobian wants to say , Just choose the right color , It will not produce too much fancy and exaggeration in dress , On the contrary, it can show the temperament of clothing incisively and vividly , Highlight the foreign effect .

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