Princess Kate released a new picture of Princess Charlotte, and she also generously sent her best wishes to Megan!

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princess kate released new picture

Princess Kate took a lovely picture of a butterfly for a special event , Princess Charlotte stole the limelight . Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Princess Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, today released lovely photos of their daughter Princess Charlotte ,6 Year old Princess Charlotte holds a butterfly in her hand .

These interesting photos are part of the ongoing butterfly counting campaign across the UK . A statement is attached to the photo :“ We want to share these beautiful butterfly photos , Is to call on everyone to actively participate in the butterfly species statistics program . Butterflies are not just beautiful creatures on earth , It is also an important part of global ecological balance .”

See these photos , Royal fans are very excited . Because Princess Kate doesn't often share Prince George 、 Photos of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis . This time, a picture of Princess Charlotte was suddenly released , It really surprised the Royal fans . They have expressed their joy on the Internet .

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