Although Xiao s usually has a bold and unrestrained style, he is a very counsellor in life. Once something happens, he depends on his family to deal with it

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xiao usually bold unrestrained style

Small s When you get married , Big s Warn my brother-in-law Xu Yajun :

“ If it's bad for my sister , I'll have someone break your leg .

” Turn big s When you get married , Small s Also boldly expressed the deep feelings of sisters , Just talk to Wang Xiaofei :

If you treat my sister badly after you get married , I'll chop you .

Wang Xiaofei smiled and said nothing , But as a good friend of Wang Xiaofei, Na Ying certainly refused , Directly to the big S Let's be tough :“ If you're sorry for Wang Xiaofei in the future , I won't let you go .”

Na Ying will also sing the song she was supposed to sing 《 A dream 》, Changed to 《 conquer 》


Na Ying opened her mouth , Small S Immediately counseled , Or did Zhang Huimei sing with Na Ying on the stage “ Rival play ”.

Don't look small S When hosting the program, the language is bold 、 The style is bold and unconstrained , In fact, I have always been a very counsellor in my life .

From small to large , When something goes wrong , It's not big S、 It was mother Xu who helped her deal with , Which makes her a special “ tolerate ” The character of the —— Even if there are some problems in marriage , She will also whitewash peace , Even pretend to ignore .

The Internet is small S An outlet for venting emotions and stress , You can see her getting drunk 、 Crying everyday ,

And this time because “ Extraordinary remarks ” Rollover , By chance , It's also inevitable .

Objectively speaking , Compared with other artists in Wan Wan ,

size S Already belongs to a star who has a sense of cross-strait recognition ,

But as the situation develops , The space left for artists' vague attitude has become smaller and smaller .

Let small s An open and aboveboard surface position , It must be difficult for people , Because she and her family will live in the Bay ,

You can see from the network , those “ Green people ” How narrow-minded and ignorant is your mind and vision .

Small s And I know I'm open , Made a big mistake , So leave a sentence

“ Let me be quiet first, will you ?

” I habitually chose “ Shut up ”. First, mother Xu apologized on her behalf :

Please don't block her , My daughter is already in a bad mood


[ picture 7]

Then Wang Xiaofei sent a document to excuse her : I have known their sisters for more than ten years ,

I know exactly who they are

, Come back to Beijing and Shandong with me to visit relatives ,

Everyday conversations at home also consider themselves “ Mainlanders ”

. But I don't know why , After Wang Xiaofei sent the document, she deleted .

[ picture 8]

8 month 4 Japan , column

Sister Zhu also sent a document to support Xiao S,

call : See such an event , I really feel reluctant . Small S He is a man who has the courage to speak up 、 An artist who is not afraid of people's words and is enthusiastic about public welfare , She grew up under the care of her grandparents , Have deep feelings for the Mainland , Along the way ,

Nor has he ever expressed any support “TD” In the speech .

But the place where she grew up was wan wan , It's human nature to show love and recognition for your hometown .

[ picture 9]

There is certainly some truth in this remark , But as an influential star , You should know that your words and deeds will be examined and magnified by the public , Now that it's published “ Extraordinary remarks ”, We have to bear the corresponding consequences ,

This is not just for small S Sound an alarm

, It also reminds all stars with unclear positions :

Things can be eaten indiscriminately , But don't talk nonsense !

My favorite is Zhang Shaohan , Without the slightest ambiguity , Always be proud of being a Chinese 、 proud !

source : Shaanxi legal network

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