When Jiang Wen was preparing to shoot let bullets fly, he called his brother Jiang Wu: is your beard still there?

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jiang wen preparing shoot let

Jiang Wen is going to shoot 《 Let the bullets fly 》 when , The big star who played the martial arts man stood him up , Anxious , He called his half brother Jiang Wu : What are you doing ? Is your beard still there ?

Jiang Wu just shaved each other , But he replied that , Jiang Wen said : That's good , Come and play me a part . Jiang Wu said : All right !

Jiang Wu waited for some time , Finally, when the beard grows , Just went to the crew to see my brother .

As soon as Jiang Wen saw Jiang Wu, he asked him to take the script to understand the Wuju people , Because he is going to replace sun Honglei in the martial arts exam .

before this , Because sun Honglei plays 《 latent 》 Red burst half the sky . I promised to show martial arts , Later, it was delayed , Finally, Jiang Wen stood up .

Anxious , Jiang Wen thought of his half brother Jiang Wu for the first time .

Although Jiang Wen and Jiang Wu were not born to a father , But it looks like , This is enough to show that Jiang Wen's mother gene is too powerful .

As a child, Jiang Wen was not good at words , She was very strict with her mother , Also often beaten . And my brother has a sweet mouth , Get a lot less beating .

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