Yang Mi pose in the director chair, and make complaints about the state of the face. Sun Li is lying in the gun.

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yang mi pose director chair

8 month 8 Japan , An entertainment critic posted three photos of Yang Mi on the Internet , Yang Mi's appearance and figure were evaluated , The entertainment critic thinks Yang Mi's appearance is outstanding , And I think Yang Mi has a good figure , Even Yang Mi's sitting posture was recognized , however , From the content of netizens' comments in the comment area , It seems that people don't quite agree with what the entertainment critic said .

From the photos of Yang Mi exposed by the entertainment critic , This should be a group of beautiful photos taken by Yang Mi sitting in the director's chair , Yang Mi is wearing a white navel exposed short sleeve , With a white shirt , The lower body is wearing a pink hot pants , The shape looks particularly refreshing , The whole person looks particularly fashionable , No wonder this group of photos of Yang Mi has attracted the attention of netizens .

These three photos are all taken by Yang Mi sitting in the director's chair , What impresses me most is Yang Mi's sitting posture , Yang Mi put three different sitting positions on the director's chair , It shows three different aesthetic feelings , And he also showed Yang Mi's figure just right , Yang Mi's legs are particularly eye-catching , Not only the legs are white , And his legs are thin and long , Yang Mi's sitting posture is so beautiful .

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