Zhang Yixing dominates Dongfang satellite TV with two star works. His partners are very selective with new and old members to show their brotherhood

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zhang yixing dominates dongfang satellite

Zhang Yixing can be said to be a popular male artist in the entertainment industry in recent years . Zhang Yixing's growth in recent years is also a great change . As a popular Korean idol group exo Chinese members of , The four members, including him, received a lot of attention . But Zhang Yixing was not the most popular one in the team . He was a little young and astringent , Compared with the Chinese members in the same period , Not prominent enough .

In the twinkling of an eye, so many years have passed , Now , Zhang Yixing has become the best among them , One of the most successful members . During this period, with his continuous efforts , meanwhile , It is also necessary to help his predecessors on the road of his life . It helped him a lot , Another turning point and take-off point in his career , Still want to mention 《 Challenge the limit 》 This variety show . How popular was this variety show in those days , I believe that most fans who have seen it know . This variety show is not only an entertainment variety , The tacit brotherhood of the six guests is one of the reasons why the audience has been chasing for so many years . Although the extreme challenge now is no longer the same as before , Fans are still looking forward to their reunion .

The good news is , Although we haven't seen the old extreme fit yet , But they take good care of Yixing's little brother , It can be said that to a certain extent, Yixing has led Yixing to expand its performing arts career other than song and dance career . Again , Although the old pole is very selective, there is no fit , But our staff in the new seasons are also very popular , Also cooperate with Yixing , This kind of fate has to make people feel that the intersection of extremely challenging people is everywhere , Extreme brotherhood continues . that , Next, let's take a look at what extremely selected brothers Yixing has cooperated with in the second half of the year .

The first part is to mention 《 Black storm 》. The play will be on 2021 year 8 month 9 Japan is on Oriental satellite TV 、 Beijing Satellite TV broadcast , And broadcast simultaneously in Tencent video , It is a contemporary TV play with the main theme of eliminating underworld and evil . Again , The TV play is adapted from real events , It tells about the members of the joint criminal police task force to combat evil forces , The story of finally catching the black and evil forces and their umbrellas .

This play is by sun Honglei , A TV play co starring Zhang Yixing and Liu Yijun . This is not the first time sun Honglei has acted with his brother . As early as 2016 In the year , Zhang Yixing has a job in sun Honglei 《 Good sir 》 Guest star in , Only this time , Zhang Yixing through his own efforts , And years of experience , Only then did I have a partner with hongrego . It is worth mentioning that , Over the years , Except for red Rego's care , Huang Bo also invited Zhang Yixing to shoot 《 A big show 》, Huang Lei invited Yixing as 《 Desired life 5》 Permanent guests , It can be seen that Yixing's popularity is good , The patience and guidance of my brothers .

besides , This theme can be said to be Zhang Yixing's first TV play with a positive drama style . Compared to the same comedy , Even idol commercial dramas , I believe that this film will bring Zhang Yixing different experiences and insights in terms of production excellence and content depiction , I hope Yixing can seize this rare opportunity to exercise himself , Strive to bring you more quality films in the future , Become a real film and television song Sanqi artist .

Except for the last film , Zhang Yixing will also bring you another star work , Name is 《 Falling flower season 》. The play is adapted from aney's novel of the same name , On 2021 In, he was on Zhejiang satellite TV 、 The premiere of Oriental TV , And broadcast simultaneously in Youku Video . meanwhile , This work is also a TV play produced by noon sunshine , This is for the show itself , It is also a guarantee of public praise .

The play is by Lei Jiayin 、 Yuan Quan 、 Zhang Yi Xing 、 Jia Nailiang and others starred , As the son of the factory director, Jian Hongcheng ( Lei Jiayin's decoration ) And college classmate Ning Yu ( Fountainhead decoration ) Have a good feeling for each other , But after graduating from Ning Yu University, he refused Jian Hongcheng's confession and married someone else , And at the same time , Jian Hongcheng's father was stabbed in a quarrel with factory worker Cui Hao in his early years and has been in poor health . therefore , After his death , As Jane Hongcheng's brother-in-law, Zhang Lixin ( Liang Guanhua decoration ) But took power and drove away Jian Hongcheng , Make it wander in a foreign land . After many years , When Jian Hongcheng started from scratch and wanted to recapture everything that belonged to him , I met Ning Yu again , And Ning Yu divorced , Told Jian Hongcheng the truth that he rejected him , It turned out that she was Cui Hao's daughter . Final , They broke through the irrationality of close relatives and friends and faced the triviality and difficulty of life , I got to know each other again , Recognize the life you want .

Just from the plot , This is a love story of reunion after many years , But since the play can be broadcast on the star , And it's made by the noon sun , Then the content or meaning of the play will not be as simple as what the introduction says . As for an ordinary old stem , How to express different connotations and deep meanings , This is what this play is looking forward to , We might as well wait and see what kind of surprise this play will bring to us .

Zhang Yixing is the second male in the play , It can be said that acting is very important . in addition , Yixing partners two new members, Lei Jiayin and Jia Nailiang , It also makes us realize the continuation of extreme brotherhood . We can look forward to the final performance of Yixing .

so , The quality of the two works in the second half of the year is very good , Two star works , A drama , A city play , Expect Yixing to bring us different forms of expression !

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