The "dog God" in crosstalk was highly praised by Guo Degang, but he wasted half his life without a partner

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dog god crosstalk highly praised

Zhao Weizhou is one of the crosstalk actors , The boldest . Even Guo Degang , Compared with Zhao Weizhou , We must also be willing to bow down . Because whether it's crosstalk leader Ma Sanli , Or crosstalk master Hou Baolin , Zhao Weizhou dares to make fun of it .

Zhao Weizhou went to Third Master Ma's house , I only saw Ma Zhiming at home alone . Asked casually ,“ Why did san'er go ?” Ma Zhiming thought he was asking his third brother Ma Zhiliang , Just answer directly ,“ I went to work ”.

Zhao Weizhou listened , Shake your head and say ,“ I asked saner , What did you do? .” Ma Zhiming was confused and replied ,“ Just go to work .”“ incorrect , I asked saner !”“ Which three children are you asking ?” Ma Zhiming doesn't understand .

At this time , Zhao Weizhou can't hold it anymore , Laughed . Only then did Ma Zhiming understand , He asked Ma Sanli . Raise your hand and hit , Then Zhao Weizhou has long run away .

Yes, master Hou Baolin , Zhao Weizhou is even more merciless . At the meeting in memory of master hou , He dared to say directly to Hou Yaowen ,“ If your father changes his voice with Third Master Ma , Can he still speak crosstalk ?”

In a word , Let Hou Yaowen be speechless . Master Hou's singing is really exquisite , But I really want to talk and tease , Compared with Third Master Ma , It's really too far away . But that , Only Zhao Weizhou dares to say .

It has been said that , Zhao Weizhou first called Shifu , Then I'll call Dad , Actually, it's exaggerated . At the age of two, he took Mr. Su Wenmao as his teacher , At the age of six, he officially learned crosstalk . But he did not inherit master Su Wenmao's crosstalk .

Zhao Weizhou's creative and performing talents , In the crosstalk circle, they are all top . Even Guo Degang, who has always been arrogant , I also admit that Zhao Weizhou is one of his generation , The best crosstalk speaker . Guo Degang didn't add one here , It fully reflects his extreme recognition of Zhao Weizhou .

The reason why Zhao Weizhou left such an impression , I have to say that classic crosstalk 《 be like a dry tree which again sprouts leaves in the spring 》. He knows Yang Shaohua very well , Yang Shaohua has a problem with his performance style , I've been depressed for most of my life .

He's funny , He loves to shed dog blood , Grab limelight . To Ma Sanli , Ma Zhiming has been praised , But it didn't take long to break up . Other actors , I don't want to partner with him . Traditionally , No comedian , Willing to let the supporting actors steal the limelight .

It was Zhao Weizhou who first felt , Yang Shaohua's “ crooked ” Style can be used , So it's tailor-made 《 be like a dry tree which again sprouts leaves in the spring 》, As a result, one shot fired . Yang Shaohua himself is indeed a dead tree in spring , Popular in the country , Zhao Weizhou also relies on this work , Famous in the crosstalk circle .

later , Zhao Weizhou can be transferred to the China Railway Art Troupe , I can't help but say , It is also the popularity of this crosstalk . In addition, in the performance , Zhao Weizhou's unique “ Dog gas ”, It is also very rare among crosstalk actors .

So-called “ Dog gas ”, It covers many characteristics of the bottom little people , forget honour at the prospect of profits , sail with the wind , Stingy , light up with pleasure , Don't forgive me , Unreasonably stir three points and so on .

Show little people in crosstalk , It is the characteristic of Tianjin actors . And Zhao Weizhou can be said to be the master of it . This characteristic , Zhao Weizhou's award-winning works 《 Sell pillows 》 in , In full display .

This paragraph 《 Sell pillows 》, It is one of the few representative works of Zhao Weizhou in his later period . The package is exquisitely designed , Laugh a lot . A miser , Avarice , The little dog in the last deceived dog , Let Zhao Weizhou behave vividly .

It is a pity , Since Zhao Weizhou broke up with Yang Shaohua , To Beijing , There has never been a fixed partner . Liu Hui, who once worked together , Li Jiacun , The crosstalk level of Shan LIANLI and others is very limited . Have to say , Zhao Weizhou came to Beijing to develop , Just fancy the treatment .

Now Zhao Weizhou has retired , The crosstalk partner was replaced by Liu Wei . Since Liu Wei became famous in the 1980s , More than thirty years have passed , There has been no progress in crosstalk . It is estimated that this is also Zhao Weizhou's helpless move .

Zhao Weizhou, whether in creation or performance , In the crosstalk world, there are talents who have experienced heaven and earth . unfortunately , When he should have made a work , Without a suitable partner . This has seriously restricted his creation . It was a loss for himself , For the crosstalk world , It's not a loss ?

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