The director of "extreme selection" followed the old routine again. Female guests appeared in three consecutive episodes and silently replaced Dili Reba

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director extreme selection followed old

Oriental satellite TV 《 Challenge the limit 》, It can be said that it is a variety reality show from prosperity to decline , Even now there are a lot of viewers , But to be honest , To compare the heyday of 《 Challenge the limit 》 Words , It's still a long way off . In those days “ men ” Give Way 《 Challenge the limit 》 It has become a national variety with great popularity and reputation , Yan Min's unique recording method , It also attracted the attention of many viewers , Unfortunately, a new director came later , The program has also changed .

After trying to walk 《 Running man 》 After guest mode ,《 Challenge the limit 》 Without any success , In the seventh season, I also abandoned the idea of inviting female guests as permanent guests , Diri Reba, which many people like, didn't appear ,“ Limit group ” There seems to be a new “ men ” Sense of being alike . I thought the director would always go this way , Unexpectedly, with the update of the program , The director seems to have started the old routine again .

“ men ” Most people are right 《 Challenge the limit 》 Initial recognition , Because everyone thinks there is no woman 《 Challenge the limit 》 Is the most open . So when 《 Challenge the limit 7》 It has become recognized by everyone “ men ” When , In fact, many viewers have returned . What I never thought was , In the director's cognition , Still can't leave 《 Running man 》 The feeling of pattern .

The reason why people question 《 Challenge the limit 》 The director started to follow the old routine again , Because now the program has been updated to the back , One guest appeared many times in a row , And a female guest , She is Yang Chaochao .

Everybody knows , Yang Chaochao brings his own heat and topic , To a certain extent , Her attention has always been a lot , So if you're invited to be a guest , It will also attract a lot of fans , Bring a certain amount of traffic to the program . stay 《 Challenge the limit 7》 in , Yang Chaochao's performance is also very good .

Everyone thought Yang Chaoyue was just a temporary flying guest , After attending a program, he will leave , Unexpectedly, the latest program update , Yang Chaoyue is still . The other guests changed into , She alone has been recording programs like regular guests .

In the latest Reuters , Netizens also saw the figure of Yang Chaoyue , This means that she recorded three programs in a row , And the program is coming to an end , So it's not impossible for Yang Chaochao to record with the regular guests until the end . Clearly not a member of guanxuan , But they recorded so many episodes together , What does it mean that the director doesn't want to keep Yang Chaoyue ?

Look at Yang Chaoyue 《 Challenge the limit 7》 Stay longer and longer , I also saw that her sudden addition changed the guest mode of season 7 , Many netizens can't help teasing , Although Yang Chaochao has not been officially declared as a regular female guest , But she is silently replacing diri Reba .

all the time , Delireba is 《 Challenge the limit 》 The only female guest on the show , She is the only regular guest . In the program , Dirieba's performance has always been very good , But because of the filming, her schedule is basically full .《 A pick 》 Changing patterns is also understandable .

It's recognized that 《 Challenge the limit 》 Our female guests , Basically, diri Reba is the only one , Now the director asked Yang Chaoyue to record so many episodes of the program , But it is not announced whether she is a regular female guest , The practice of silently replacing dirieba , I guess I'm worried that it will cause heated discussion . Dirieba did not return , The beginning of the program is full of male guests , Later, Yang Chaoyue became a resident , It can be said that it was unexpected .

But anyway , Whether it's diri Reba or Yang Chao , Two lovely female artists are very good , But in the eyes of the audience , Actually 《 Challenge the limit 》 What is more suitable is “ men ” The existence of , That's how it works “ limit ” What could happen , Do you think so ?

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