Zhang Yixing was sprayed for the first time since the launch of yearning for life 5, and the audience finally couldn't sit still

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zhang yixing sprayed time launch

Since Zhang Yixing joined 《 Desired life 》 After the show , The feedback on the Internet is also highly praised , After all , At first, his performance in the program was really pink .

Respond to the call of the program group , I got a tractor driver's license in a few days , This makes many viewers think Zhang Yixing is very smart , Will help Huang Lei cook for , Naturally, it also reflects his intimate and meticulous side , When working in the field, I never shout bitter or tired , Do things silently 、 Low key personhood , All aspects meet the standard of a good young man .

although , Zhang Yixing is rather shy , When I first came to the program, I couldn't put it on , But then he quickly adjusted , There are more and more interactions with Peng Yuchang and Zhang Zifeng , From time to time, it will create a wave of laughter , It makes people appreciate that ” Little sheep ” He is called , Cold and funny skill , How can he make the audience dislike it ?

however , Zhang Yixing, who won the hearts of the audience , He rolled over because of his poor performance in the latest program , Since the program began , This is also the first time he was sprayed , In the face of its unsatisfactory performance , The audience finally couldn't sit still , Make complaints about the full screen mode , Zhang Yixing is good from the heart of the audience , Suddenly fell to the altar , It has become an annoying existence .

Zhang Yixing's rollover is mainly reflected in two points

1. No interaction with flying guests

There are a total of... Flying guests in the latest program 3 people , Li Dan 、 Li Xueqin and Chen he , Permanent guest Peng Yuchang is filming , And left the mushroom house early for the first time , It is reasonable to say that after Peng Yuchang left , Zhang Yixing should have a sense of ownership , Give a good reception to the guests .

But the reality is that he hides in his room and doesn't come out , Just hold the computer and make music , although , He loved music and his inspiration came , Immersed in it for a time , That's understandable .

But then again , Leaving aside the variety show , Even in your own home , When the guest is sitting in the living room with his sister Zhang Zifeng alone , As a brother, Zhang Yixing's performance , It also makes people feel a little inappropriate .

2. Don't help wipe the dog's urine

Small O Spilled urine in the room , Not far from Zhang Yixing's bed , Chen he first found something strange , Zhang Zifeng saw it , Immediately went to the kitchen to get a paper towel to clean up , However , Zhang Yixing's response was disappointing , What I said was a little speechless .

Zhang Yixing clearly sees Zhang Zifeng cleaning up dog urine, but he still sits in bed , Admit that he is polite to Zhang Zifeng , After all , When the other party comes , He subconsciously put the computer aside , I also took the initiative to talk a few words , But there is still no physical action .

In both cases , The audience finally couldn't sit still , He made a series of negative comments on Zhang Yixing , Some viewers think Zhang Yixing can go home if he wants to make music , Another audience thought that dog urine was by Zhang Yixing's bed , Zhang Zifeng helped to clean up , Beneficiary Zhang Yixing did not move , This EQ is really OK .

Personally, I think Zhang Yixing's reaction is a little unreasonable , You know, Zhang Zifeng does no less farm work than him , Even if Zhang Yixing's body is really in a very tired state , I want to have a good rest , But wiping dog urine is a simple task , You can still get up and help do it .

However , He even showed that others should serve him , That sentence “ Don't worry , I don't sleep on the ground ”, It really makes people feel angry , Zhang Zifeng, who is also a star, works hard , He doesn't have such a sense of superiority in his bones , Maybe I'm used to being served on weekdays , I've become a little numb .

I have to say that Xiaobian is more and more unable to understand the operation of the program group , It's a yearning life , However , The resident and flying guests are dead tired , So what is there to yearn for in such a life ?

This scene , On the contrary, it makes people feel that Zhang Yixing's appearance of sitting motionless in bed is really real , Although he didn't help wipe the dog's urine, he was a little disappointed , But frankly speaking. , Whoever has worked all day must want to have a rest , No one wants to talk to , Have a good rhythm in a daze .

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