From the global money tree to the abandoned chess pieces, the bumpy road of Superman film

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global money tree abandoned chess

About the role of Superman , I believe you are also very familiar with .

As the first superhero in the history of Meiman , Superman was not only born first , And it has long been known all over the world in various ways , Has become a cultural element .

however , Let's not talk about his achievements in other fields this time , Let's talk about movies .

Superman's movie road , Compare his omnipotent image in front of the screen , It can be said to be the exact opposite .

Plain sailing is not a word , Even “ Steady development ” The word is extravagant .

The most suitable for the development of Superman film series , yes “ High low ”.

Of course , Behind this , There are film makers Warner Brothers and some directors 、 Producer's “ The credit ”.

The idea of Superman film first appeared in 1973 year , But then because of copyright , Therefore, it took a long time to determine the project , Even director Donna is 1977 year 1 It was determined only in June , distance 《 superman 1》 There are only 1 More than a year .

The original plan , yes 《 superman 1~2》 At the same time , Then it is divided into two shows , At the same time, the budget was the highest level of all films at that time .

However , On the way , Soon there was a problem .

There is a very serious contradiction between director downer and the producer .

The producers scolded downer for making the film too slowly , And it's over budget , And keep asking them to add costs .

Downer said he never got anything “ Supplementary budget ”, He always used the initial funds to make movies .

The contradiction between the two sides is getting deeper and deeper , And irreconcilable , Originally 《 superman 1》 It's done ,《 superman 2》 It's done 70% About the progress , But then Warner stopped 《 superman 2》 Making , And he said he planned to see how the results of the first film were calculated .

If possible , Just go ahead , no way , Just cut off .

fortunately ,1978 Year of 《 superman 》 It was an amazing success after it was released .

In North America that year 1.34 $100 million box office , Ranked sixth in film history .

The performance outside North America is also very bright , For example, it is called “ Chaoying cemetery ” Japan won the seventh place in film history , At that time, the box office in Japan exceeded... In yen 50 More than hundred million , Even now, few superhero films can match the box office in Japan 40 Years ago 《 superman 1》.

That year 《 superman 1》 It has also been introduced into China , Attracted more than 8000 Ten thousand people went to watch , It's also because of the movie , The image of Superman, a superhero, began to be known to the domestic people .

As for the rest of the world , Including the European 、 Many markets in Latin America and other continents ,《 superman 1》 Or break the box office record , Or break the movie attendance record , It's overwhelming .

Last 《 superman 1》 The overseas box office exceeded 1.5 Over US $100 million , At that time, there were only a few Hollywood films that could get this number .

However ,《 superman 1》 The phenomenal performance made Warner sure to continue to complete 《 superman 2》, But it didn't save director downer , Because of the conflict with the producer , He was soon fired .

The rest 《 superman 2》 Other directors take over .

1980 Year of 《 superman 2》 After the show , The results are still excellent , But the total box office fell by a full margin compared with the previous one 1 Billion dollars , That's a 80 s 1 Billion dollars .

I have to say, thanks to Donna's stay 《 superman 2》 The foundation is good enough , If you change the director in the middle of a movie , The probability is to rush to the street ,《 superman 2》 Although the box office fell , But at least I made a lot of money , Word of mouth is OK , It's a great blessing in misfortune .

in addition , Now it's circulating on the Internet , And later on DVD Sold 《 superman 2》 CD-ROM version , Many of them are edited by downer's director , The release version of that year almost disappeared .

However , This is also for 《 superman 》 The decline of the film has laid a curse , And soon exposed .

At first, although downer only made two films 《 superman 》, But as a superman fan since childhood , Knowing Superman's works very well, he had the idea of the third book very early .

He is going to expand his world view in the third film , Introducing the role of superwoman , And join the popular villain brainiac in the original .

However, because he has quit , So his ideas were basically rejected by Warner .

The producer plans to make Superman an independent film , therefore 1984 In, it was rotten 《 Superwoman 》 Baked , It became the laughing stock of the industry at that time .

Bregna himself is a villain similar to artificial intelligence , It involves a lot of high technology and so on , After abandoning him , just 1984 In the year 《 The terminator 》 appear , There is a trend of robots .

in addition , At that time, a man named Richard ・ Pryor's black talk show comedians were also forced into the film by the producers , Because Margo, the actor of the original heroine Louis ・ Kidd is dissatisfied with Warner's firing downer , So it became a guest star in this film .

then , The posters are full of Superman holding the black actor , Or the princess holding .

The result is predictable , Over entertaining 《 superman 3》 Their reputation and box office performance are very general , Compared with the front seat, it fell seriously , Although starring Christopher ・ Reeve's performance is still recognized , But this film is undoubtedly consuming Superman IP.

But what? , Because I finally made money , Capital is to squeeze out the benefits , therefore 《 superman 4》 Projects follow .

But this kind of project that wants to make fast money , The result must be a rush to the street , Reeve starred in the Superman series , He also contributed a lot of his ideas , Hope to improve the quality of the film .

However, the result is ,《 superman 4》 Our budget has been cut again and again .

The quality of the film can't be seen , The film also became a laughing stock of the public at that time .

Since then , Superman, the hero, was also hidden in the film , We can't continue to have our own films until the beginning of the new century .

however , Even the Superman movies of the new century did not let him return to 1978 Glory of .

2006 Year of 《 Superman Returns 》, The story was answered 1980 Year of 《 superman 2》, Everything is very retro , There wasn't even a great battle scene .

result ,2.7 The $100 million investment box office is 3.9 Billion , Severe loss .

2013 Year of 《 superman : Body of steel 》, cost 2 Billion dollars , box office 6.68 Billion , According to the data in the profit table , Finally, I made a profit by selling discs 4000 ten thousand .

Now, , Warner Brothers has planned to replace Superman with black , As for the original Superman, there is no plan to let him continue to appear in the film .

Don't say it's a personal project , Not even a guest role .

Strictly speaking , This is also a very sad thing .

1978 Year of 《 superman 1》, Gave Superman a good start , By analogy , This “ head ” Than 2008 Marvel Universe in 《 Iron man 》 Better .

But then it was less than 10 year , But it quickly became a joke , Later, the restart was frustrated again and again .

Which is inseparable from the various operations of the manufacturer .

Superman movies want to reproduce 40 The phenomenal performance many years ago , I'm afraid I can only get 10 After many years , Only when copyright enters the public domain .

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