The three members of Huang Shengyi's family rarely have the same frame! Wearing a diamond crown like a lady, he was kissed by his youngest son, and his face was too sticky

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members huang shengyi family rarely

In recent days, , Actor Huang Shengyi updates a shooting gag on his personal social account , And a caption :“ There is a sticky kiss baby , It's almost bald .” In the video, Huang Shengyi 、 Yang Zi and his youngest son, an Lin, appeared sweetly , Surrounded by the youngest son 、 Keep kissing mother Huang Shengyi , When shooting parent-child photos, there was no eldest son , It caused a heated discussion among netizens .

See in the picture ,38 Huang Shengyi, 19, was sitting in a chair wearing a black half sleeved dress , Red lips, big waves, curly hair , More elegant and generous . And husband Yang Zi is standing behind her , Wear low-key and simple , While helping his wife adjust the position of the crown , Don't forget to pay attention to your son's safety . It is worth noting that every part of this crown is inlaid with diamonds , It looks dazzling and expensive , Worthy of Kuo Tai .

In another picture , The youngest son, an Lin, wore a white coat and light blue trousers , It looks naughty and sporty . The next second he turns into a slimy monster , Keep kissing mother Huang Shengyi , Even if you eat her hair , Take it away and continue to kiss as if nothing had happened , This scene not only amused the staff on the scene , As parents, they couldn't stand up with laughter .

But netizens in the comment area found , It seems that the Huang Shengyi family took parent-child photos, and only their youngest son, an Lin, appeared , But I can't see the eldest son , He began to defend his eldest son against injustice .

Some rational netizens saw this scene , Dare to speculate that the eldest son Andy doesn't like facing the camera , Therefore, Huang Shengyi respects his choice , Didn't show him in front of the screen .

Nearly period of time , Huang Shengyi has been active in short video platforms , Share your life , A few days ago, I had a hot dance in my mansion , Sweet interaction with husband Yang Zi . In the last two years, in order to take care of family and children , She intends to reduce her workload .

The public's impression of Huang Shengyi is not only an excellent actor , More is Yang Zi's wife . Earlier, people were not optimistic about Huang Shengyi's marriage with Yang Zi , But with Huang Shengyi showing his family life in front of the screen , We found her relationship with Yang Zi stable and interesting . Even without a wedding , Huang Shengyi still feels happy and satisfied , Because Yang Zi made a promise more important than the wedding ceremony .

After marriage, they have two lovely and clever children , In order to have more interaction with his son , Learn more about Andy , She decided to take part in the parent-child variety show . Huang Shengyi once said frankly in the program , When Andy needed his mother's company most , She was busy acting in the group and had been absent from Andy's growth , There is a visible gap between Andy and her . In the program , Even parents should admit their mistakes to their children , Huang Shengyi has been praised by the public for establishing an equal way of education with children .

Then in an interview with the media , When she talked about education, she said , In the face of rebellious children , Never blindly meet the needs of children , Let children clearly realize that if they want this, they have to pay first , Pay to gain “ candy ”.

Although Huang Shengyi and Yang Zi have wealth beyond the reach of others , But never indulge in educating children 、 There is a degree of relaxation , The trained children are clever and sensible . It also gives us a reason , Regardless of family background , The most important wealth of a family is the education that parents can give their children , A child's upbringing is also a mirror of family wealth .

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