Xi'an rap League Li Yanxin joins the Chinese good voice Na Ying team

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xi rap league li yanxin

The charm of rap is reflected in music ,

It is also reflected in the stage that causes fanaticism ,

And bring music resonance to the explosion scene !

In Xi'an , except NOUS and HHH, There is still a local group with great appeal

An explosive group , Not a combination 、 Not a brand 、 It's an alliance

Such an alliance , Once a month , The roof turned over ?

Such an alliance , Xi'an has the most ruthless Rapper?

Such an alliance , It can be a crazy scene for nearly a thousand people ?

Now the governor DOZ Xi'an rap alliance led by Li yanheng , In fact, it has a more surprising history .

This is a picture with 15 Photos with a history of years .

At that time , Xi'an rap has such an alliance .

Except for the governor DOZ Besides Li yanheng, there are many crouching tigers, hidden dragons .《 wolves DISCO》 Songwriters and singers " Uncle gem "; The most influential trend producer in China “MAI” god ; Famous rap brand in China NOUS member “ Zhang Hao ”; Underground 8 Miles is now in charge “ Night Phoebe ” Etc., etc. ……

Now? , An alliance infused with new blood

“ Li Yanxin ”、“ Not very smart AD calcium ”、“ North north Dbaby”、“Lil T Woo ”、“BUG”、“AUB Abu ”、“ Bravobe ”、“MUX Dong Liancheng ”、“ Old monster ”、“19Y”、“Fizzy Cash”、“Gua Quack quack ” Wait for the members in the gold producer ”CD” and “ Dadu DOZ Li yanheng ” Under your leadership, you are bound to be more energetic !

Just participated in 2021 The good voice of China in “ Li Yanxin ” Won the favor of many tutors , Finally joined the British team .

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