Eight thieves suddenly opened fire! Dis rap og "good voice of China" bet 500000, and the Pharaoh responded domineering

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thieves suddenly opened dis rap

At last there is war .

Another incident happened in the rap circle .

And this storm happened again in xixiaotang .

Eight thieves exploded Diss Back Rap OG! Released a song 《DIET REMIX》.

“ Yours Diss Comparable to Mercy The embarrassment of international language ”

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The event will start from 《 The voice of China 》 A performance of .

Once the 《 The children of tomorrow 》 player , Now Xi'an Rapper Li Yanxin appeared on the program , And joined the British team .

He performed a song 《 The powerful 》.

“ Continuous , Improved strength faction ”

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Xi Xiaotang is the same as before , Reported the song .

After the song was released , Immediately blasted by netizens .

Even netizens think the program group is funny , even 《 New generation of rap 》 The contestants couldn't help commenting .

however , Li yanheng, the boss of contestant Li Yanxin, is dissatisfied with netizens' comments .

Li yanheng is a member of the original Xi'an old rap group random war gate , He's also with Parker 、 Ye Nan and others have been teammates .

He commented directly at the laughter Hall , It means that Li Yanxin's song is very advanced .

“ It uses a rare in rap 3 Beat... Beat ”

This directly caused the dissatisfaction of eight thieves and Dao Dao .

after , Eight thieves and Li yanheng matched the lines .

Both sides about whether the song is good or not , There was a heated debate .

Even the old road rushed to the scene , Express 4/3 Shoot him in that year C-Block《 I'm sorry 》 It was done when .

Eight thieves and Li yanheng even use this Beat Play the game , Even offered a bonus 50 ten thousand .

The two have a good talk 50 After 10000 price , I have to judge in the laughter Hall .

good heavens , What is this .

Of course , For two 50W The game bet naturally didn't take place .

But Li yanheng still sings Diss Eight thieves were killed , The title of the song is directly called 《 A mad dog 8 The thief 》.

“MasterBuzzy, He X I got a ba ”

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The eight thieves responded to Li yanheng's Diss.

“ I can go back to you , I just want to ask if I can blow you up 50w ah , If you give it, I'll write it well ”

It was at that time , It makes people feel that the eight thieves will not Diss Back 了 .

And Pharaoh was killed by eight thieves Diss after , Also responded .

“ I think the thief is not our brand , Whether this person will return or not ”

And Li yanheng was also badly rushed by netizens , He also continued to respond to the remarks of the eight thieves .

“ Your idol is so capable ”

Final , Eight thieves sent out three beats to Li yanheng Diss.

Because the incident happened in Xi Xiao Tang , We witnessed the whole journey , And almost became the referee of their game .

As of press time , Li yanheng and Li Yanxin haven't responded to the eight thieves Diss. This wave of events is mainly about Li yanheng and the eight thieves , Li Yanxin even deleted the performance video of the program .

I have to sigh ,Diss Always so caught off guard .

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