Claiming to take high-quality photos, Liu Tao and Yang Chao took a group photo. What's the age difference between 20 years old?

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claiming high-quality high quality photos

Speaking of Liu Tao , The first thing many people think of must be 《 Mi month passed 》, At that time, this play occupied the first place in the broadcast volume list of major platforms , It can be seen that the influence of the play in that year .

More Than This , Now? 《 Mi month passed 》 It is still one of the popular dramas on major platforms , This is also one of Liu Tao's classic works .

In fact, there are many classic works of Liu Tao , image 《 List of reed {langya} 》、《 Ode to joy 》、《 Let's get married 》 wait , Her role in it can also be called a classic .

In the entertainment industry, a first-line star must have her name , As long as there are her movies and TV plays , This play must be worth watching , As long as you read it, you will never regret .

She is not only successful in the film and television industry , Even in the music world , Many people may not know that she has also made an album , I have to admire such a woman , It's the goddess in every boy's mind .

She grew up in the army , Her personal habits are also very good , Growing up in the art troupe , Let her have a superior foundation for others after entering the society .

Although her TV plays have been few in recent years , But she has also been active in front of the screen , On a variety show 《 Dear inn 》 in , Let's see Liu Tao again , In the program, she and her husband always show us a warm picture . And she took part in 《 Crossover King 》, In this program , Her singing ability is also obvious to everyone .

The best affirmation of her strength is to appear on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala with different faces for several consecutive years , First song and dance 《 The year of beautiful China 》, Another song 《 Tea song 》, Let her status in the entertainment industry rise to a certain level again , This also makes her popular with major directors again .

In fact, many people know her , Through a very magical thing , This is a typical example of a model couple , Liu Tao's husband failed to invest , Caused his family to go into debt 2 More than 100 million , At this time, many people think Liu Tao will choose to divorce his husband , But she chose to spend this low period with her husband , Even she chose to help her husband pay off his debts through her own efforts .

Through years of hard work , Finally paid off the debt , And re - established the family , Now his family is very happy , This is also a very admirable thing , Many people like her because of it , Who can not love such a wife ?

Recently, she was on the hot search list again , It's not a big deal this time , But because she posted a group photo of herself and Transcendence on her microblog .

In the photo , You can see the difference 20 The temperament of the two men is perfect , And the two stand together and look particularly pleasing to the eye , I can't see the age difference , And a copywriter : The catchphrase of high-quality photography .

It can be seen that Liu Tao's private life is very happy , And I have very good contacts in the entertainment industry , This must be inseparable from her easygoing character , And his generosity , Like making friends with people , In fact, who wants to make friends with such people , Be responsible for , And uphold justice .

Although I've been through a trough , But she never gave up , And never thought of leaving her husband , There are difficulties in the same way , share each other's fortunes , This is the real feeling , Such a marriage life is beyond the envy of many people , It's what everyone expects , therefore , She can be the goddess of many men .

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