Fage yyds! At the age of 66, Chow Yun fat was awarded the honorary doctor for the third time, with gray hair and wrinkled face

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fage yyds age chow yun

Speaking of the big guys at the top of the entertainment industry , Chow Yun fat is definitely a well deserved , Over the years, he has presented many good works in the performing arts circle , Especially in the hero film, the image is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people , It also makes him a popular idol in the hearts of the audience .

In addition to his great achievements in his career , Zhou Runfa's pattern and personality charm are more admirable , And the shaping of such an image , It also has a lot to do with his growth background since childhood .

In recent days, , Zhou Runfa, who hasn't appeared for a long time, finally has a new dynamic , He appeared at the honorary doctorate award ceremony of Hong Kong Baptist University , And was officially awarded “ Doctor of Humanities ” The title of , In order to affirm his professional contribution and achievements .

As the only entertainment person on stage , This news has attracted media attention as early as a few days ago , Already this year 66 Year old Chow Yun Fat adds another highlight moment , It can be regarded as a model for most future generations .

From the pictures , Zhou Runfa at the event wore a doctor's suit , Very humbly bowed to accept the hat and ear plucking ceremony , White hair is a bit more vicissitudes than before , However, the always gentle temperament has never decreased .

Although wearing a mask all the way , But you can still see the solemnity in his eyes , Many fans saw Chow Yun fat's white hair and wrinkles , Still filled with sad feelings that the years have passed too fast , The once male God became so old in an instant .

After the ceremony , Zhou Runfa changed into a straight suit , Looks tall and strong , There is always the shadow of brother ma , When they speak, they all show different charm and temperament , He is very calm in both speech and behavior , Minutes become the focus of the audience .

Chow Yun Fat recalled himself to the public 50 Years of film career , Although he didn't go to a real University , But I went through a “ Social University ”, Hong Kong children from a native Lamma Island , Later, the audience recognized “ movie king ”, This mental journey must be extremely difficult .

These ups and downs in life are really experienced by Chow Yun Fat , Now, standing on the stage, you can express in a humorous tone , It made the audience laugh , I believe he must feel beautiful in the process of his efforts , That's why we can be as light as we are now .

In fact, the little friends who pay attention to chow yun fat know , This honorary title is not the first time he has been awarded , As early as 1999 Years and 2001 In the year , He has been awarded the titles of honorary academician and doctor of literature .

Chow Yun fat has always been a low-key and unassuming style , Even if there is enough capital, there is always deep merit and fame , In my life, I am often photographed walking around the vegetable market with my wife , Such an approachable movie king , It's hard to be unloved !

Until today, , Many people still remember him in 《 True colour of a hero 》 The role of pony in , Love, righteousness and ruffian Qi , Once pushed the heroic film and television works to the trend .

The best relationship between a good actor and his work , It must be a model of mutual achievement ,7 The legend of winning the title of film emperor for the second time has made Chow Yun fat the best actor in Hong Kong , Also the whole 90 One of the most influential roles in the s .

To make a long story short , Although there are few works of Zhou Runfa now , But every picture he ever left on the screen , It will always become a classic that is difficult to surpass in the hearts of the audience . Now most of the young actors in the entertainment industry are impetuous , I don't want to calm down and concentrate on learning and cultivating , Naturally, it is difficult to reach the realm and height of Zhou Runfa .

now 66 Year old , It's also time to return to plain life and enjoy your old age , The emotional route of Zhou Runfa and his wife Chen Huilian , It has been blessed by many people all the time , I also hope they will be more secure in the future .

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