Christy Chung's eldest daughter is exposed to the sun, with long hair hanging over her shoulders. She is sexy and has the same high appearance value as her mother when she was young

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christy chung eldest daughter exposed

8 month 7 Japan , The eldest daughter of actress Christy Chung Yasmine Zhang Minjun posted a very sexy photo of himself on his personal social platform .

In the photo, Zhang Minjun lies on his side on the bed , Cover most of your body with a quilt , Zhang Minjun himself has a bright smile , Hold your head in one hand , Put one hand in front of you naturally , It seems that I am very happy for others to shoot myself .

The long hair of the shawl hangs naturally behind the head , Zhang Minjun's wheat skin looks particularly healthy in front of the camera , Different from domestic stars “ White thin and young ”, Zhang Minjun has been living abroad , Therefore, for their own image, they prefer nature and three-dimensional , So Zhang Minjun in the photo has an exotic temperament , Stand out .

And what's interesting about this photo is the identity of the person who took it , You know, this is very “ private ” Photos of the , Ordinary people can't get it , And look at Zhang Minjun's look and posture , It should be inadvertently captured , Can capture a picture of a girl like this , I think the relationship between these two people must be different .

The media broke the news earlier , Zhang Minjun, Christy Chung's eldest daughter, is very cheerful , Although he is young, he is going to school , But I've been dating several boyfriends , And one of the foreign boyfriends is suspected to have brought it back to see “ Parent ”, The media once disclosed a group photo of the family , Zhang Minjun's little boyfriend is very tall , The facial features are also three-dimensional , Typical European and American appearance , But some netizens once make complaints about their appearance , After all, just looking at group photos , Almost as old as Zhang Minjun's stepfather Zhang lunshuo .

But last year, Zhang Minjun once posted a video of himself crying on the Internet , Say you don't know how to vent , At that time, netizens speculated that it was breaking up with their boyfriend that caused their emotions to get out of control , I don't know if today's boyfriend is the one before , Or a new one .

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