Song Xiaobao's poignant history of fame, played "bright sword", and never met Li Youbin after filming

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song xiaobao poignant history fame

Mention song Xiaobao , I'm afraid no one knows , As a famous comedian , Loved by the audience .

But before becoming famous , Song Xiaobao also experienced a very bitter life .

For a living , Song Xiaobao has run a lot of tricks , As long as you can give money , Play “ Passers-by b ” still “ A passer-by ” Fine , Even a corpse .

Song Xiaobao is still 《 Strong-arm reaction 》 Run through the Dragon trap , Not the one who sent the glue .

It is “ The second battalion commander , Laozi's Italian gun ” The version of , It's a real Anti Japanese drama .

The play has many famous scenes , Starring Li Youbin is also completely popular with this film .

Such a classic military theme film and television work , Song Xiaobao really played ? Who is he playing , Why don't you have any impression ?

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