Mrs. Justin Bieber took photos to show her abdominal muscles and responded to rumors of pregnancy. It was difficult to hide love in her eyes when taking a group photo with her husband

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mrs. justin bieber took photos

North American pop king Justin · Bieber and his wife Haley · Bieber's feelings , Not favored by netizens from the beginning , Until now, prove true love with practical actions , Has become a famous model couple in the entertainment industry . When they fit together to absorb gold , Also attracted CP powder , Knock on the bowl every day to remind them of their sweet story . According to the 《 The daily mail 》 Local time 8 month 7 Reported Wednesday , Haley took pictures of her and Bieber on a road trip , Across the screen are sweet unconsciously numb ten fingers .

Haley took pictures first , Almost plain, her skin is good enough to shine , Freckles on the cheeks are particularly tempting . On the same day, she wore simple white sweatpants and dark green short vest , Casual sports style is her favorite dress , Super short vest , Wanton display of abdominal muscles and waistcoat line , Rumors of pregnancy before the fight back .

Then Haley also put out a picture of her boyfriend's angle , In the picture, Haley holds her head with one hand , Looking at her husband affectionately , Stage the classic famous scene of men flirting with women in Korean dramas . Bieber is comfortable lying flat with his legs crossed , The couple seem to have taken the wrong character script .

Bieber also shared a group photo with his beloved wife with netizens , It is reported that this is a picture of the two people on a road trip a week ago , They stood under the tree with their fingers clenched . Haley stood by her husband , The eyes become peach shaped , It's hard to hide love in your eyes , Butterflies in my heart fly out of my eyes , Sure enough, the eyes of true love won't lie .

As report goes , After the Bieber couple finished their road trip , The two still keep dating , Go out for a walk together . Haley always keeps a big man's attitude , Stride forward , Bieber followed like a naughty child . That day Bieber was wearing an oversized coat , Deliberately retract your hand into your sleeve , There is a kind of naughty and lovely that people can't help spoiling .

Whenever Bieber sees a reporter taking a picture , Will get back their own domineering president's wife protection script , The way she frowned and let Haley get on the bus , Let a girl's heart overflow . Perhaps only in the face of true love will the little wolf dog and the little milk dog switch at will .

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