Huang Haibo was afraid of being kissed by her. Huang Lei said she was "Crazy". Why did Haiqing suddenly disappear?

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huang haibo afraid kissed her.

2001 In the Chinese drama class in , A boy and a girl are kissing like nobody else , Just like a couple in love , The noise around me was higher than one round .

All of a sudden , The boy covered his mouth and looked at the girl with frightened eyes ,“ wow ” Spit out a mouthful of blood , The world was silent for an instant ......

The girl looked at the boy jokingly , Pointed to the braces in his mouth ,“ poof ” The ground didn't hold back and smiled —— It turns out that this thing is making trouble ?

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief , Continue to coax to :‘ Huang Di ’ Don't be afraid ‘ HAOGE ’, One more, one more !

The one who is afraid of being kissed “ Huang Di ” It's Huang Haibo , And the “ HAOGE ”, It's actually a little beauty named Huang Yi , That is to say, later “ The daughter-in-law of the people ” Hai Qing .

1977 The new year is coming , Every family is busy pasting couplets , Make a stove fire , And Nanjing “ Gan's courtyard ” It is even more prosperous ,“ Miss Gan ” Just gave birth to a baby girl , It adds a touch of purples to the man's strong and stubborn family .

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