Yang Xiuqin, one of the most underrated characters in bright sword, is played by Liang Linlin

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《 Strong-arm reaction 》 One of the most undervalued characters in is Yang Xiuqin ! The role player Liang Linlin , pat 《 Strong-arm reaction 》 It was her first play , Originally, she was just a supporting role, but I didn't expect that she was also the role most remembered by the audience , The reason is that the Italian gun name scene is too classic .

In fact, this 1982 There are a lot of actresses born in , stay 2008 In, he cooperated with Li Youbin again 《 Braving the journey 》 Portray the role of Xiuer, Zhu Kaishan's second daughter-in-law .

2009 Starred with Zhu Yawen in 《 Love the Northern Wilderness 》, Shen Xiu, the first generation of female tractor driver in Beidahuang, was portrayed in the play , Just watching the stills, I feel that they actually have a husband and wife relationship .

Later, he also cooperated with Chen Baoguo 《 The old farmer 》 It was Han Meili, Niu's bold second wife ,

And then in 2015 Zhang Zijian's version in 《 Flying Tigers 》 Play sister-in-law Fang Lin , It looks a little rustic , This also makes many audiences feel that the actress is very earthy .

in fact , Liang Linlin looks very good , Especially peach blossom eyes are very distinctive , But because of my background in the art troupe , Most of the time, they play works with the theme of rural areas or military themes , Naturally, it's inevitable to be a bit of dirt .

The most commendable thing is that Liang Linlin played so many roles , I'm afraid it's hard for the audience to connect these characters with Yang Xiuqin , Because the contrast is too big , Every character can perform the characteristics of the character and don't let people play , This alone can be called a good actor who plays what is like .

There is too little information about Liang Linlin on the Internet , All I know is that she has become a military sister-in-law , Now I occasionally shoot , It's a pity to be buried . Regarding this , What do you think ? Feel free to leave a comment !

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