On the same birthday of the three actresses, delireba only sent blessings to Tong Liya: call each other's beautiful sister

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birthday actresses delireba sent blessings

As stars in the entertainment industry , Many people have incredible fate , Some even classmates , Person of hometown , Good friends are possible , But although some stars do not have any intersection , But in private, it's a good friend , It's just that there are no suitable opportunities at work . But also Can't stop their friendship .

Recently, the entertainment industry caught up with the three female stars on the same birthday , It's still rare in the entertainment industry , If the three female stars don't bless each other , I really don't know yet . Liyan tong , Zhang Yuqi , Ni Ni , They had the same birthday , The three also send blessings to each other , Fate is really wonderful .

But on Tong Liya's birthday , But encountered a very embarrassing thing , Even her ex husband Chen Sicheng sent a separate message to celebrate Tong Liya's life , And released Photos of Tong Liya playing the piano with her children , And Chen Sicheng also said : Happy birthday to mother Duoduo .

In fact, Chen Sicheng and Tong Liya are no longer married , The two divorced in May this year , But the two said they would accompany and raise their children in another capacity , But thinking of Tong Liya's first birthday after their divorce , Chen Sicheng still sends blessings to Tong Liya as usual , But not my wife , Or call your child's mother . It's really embarrassing , Many netizens said they couldn't understand , What is Chen Sicheng doing , Since we're not together , Just be safe , And I think Chen Sicheng feels a little hot . however , This thought Tong Liya won't talk to Chen Sicheng , But Tong Liya replied to Chen Sicheng , Only two words : Thank you. . It sounds strange to Chen Sicheng , There is no previous love .

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