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make films instantly sense film

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The overall performance of a film , from The picture 、 Sound effect 、 The basic composition of simultaneous sound and dubbing .

among , Picture nature is the most important basic element , The expression of the picture is different , It will make a great change to the content of the film .

To make the display effect of the picture more rich and full , It has appreciation value , We must carry out later color matching .

In order to better match the expression of the film content in form , The meaning of tinting , Is to improve Picture quality and Increase the atmosphere .

If you want to make the film full , So the picture Tone 、 Composition 、 Exposure 、 The perspective and other details should be carefully arranged , To unify and form a perfect 、 Expressive force suitable for the theme .

So color a movie , What are the specific steps ?

1. Original video material

The picture is neutral so-called “ standard ” Primary color , In the early shooting , It mainly controls the exposure of the picture 、 white balance 、 Composition 、 visual angle 、 Sports and other basic indicators .

Color correction makes up for the deficiency in the early stage, mainly depends on the picture contrast 、 Whether the saturation and white balance color temperature settings are appropriate .

The result of this step is to Make the picture as natural as possible 、 Coordinate .

2. Local ray correction

Correct the partial exposure transition or underexposed picture , Or, according to the needs, make partial changes to the picture promote 、 Reduce brightness processing, etc .

3. Art color matching

Although this step is not necessary , But if it can be skillfully used, it will make the audience produce a bright film effect , for example :

Local color replacement : Change the color of flowers in the picture or the color of characters' clothes .

Decolorization or monochromatic treatment : In this case, it is mostly to express some past or dream effect .

Overall color : The commonly used form is to increase the effect of optical filter 、 Dark corner treatment ( Used to strengthen the main body of the picture )、 Stylization 、 Simulate film texture ( To simulate some kind of film texture )、 Sharpening and frame correction .

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