Carina Lau, 55, took a group photo with her nephew. Their blood relationship is so magical that they look like mother and son

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carina lau took group photo

Carina Lau is a well-known actress in Hong Kong , from 90 In the s, when Hong Kong's entertainment industry was very prosperous , Carina Lau was already a super red female star at that time , Until now , Carina Lau is still a superstar among female stars , Although Carina Lau has her own marriage , And her husband is superstar Tony Leung , But two people wasted their good genes , Never had a baby .

However, Carina Lau has a very good relationship with her own nephew , Although not his own mother and son , But they have a good relationship , Therefore, netizens often think that her nephew is Carina Lau's son , They do look alike , It seems that Carina Lau's family has strong genes , Looking at two people with similar looks, I have to say that the blood relationship is really strong , The nephew in the picture also looks very handsome , Wear simple black T T-shirt and black baseball cap , Very energetic .

Carina Lau is also an immortal goddess ,55 She may be one of the reasons why she didn't have children , He is much younger than his peers , Carina Lau in life is also very beautiful , In the picture, she is wearing a White Chiffon Tulle shirt , The shirt design is full of feminine flavor , White Tulle with white dots on it , The sleeves on both sides are also layered ruffles , The front of the shirt is embroidered in black and white , The whole shirt is still very heavy .

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