Wu Yue, a former kung fu star, remakes a Korean restricted film, but it has shrunk 37 minutes from the original

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wu yue kung fu star

Speaking of kung fu star Wu Yue , It is estimated that many friends are not strangers .

Wu Yue is a famous Kung Fu Star ,16 At the age of, he won the title of Wu Ying level master, the highest level of National Wushu .

Even worse , Wu Yue is one of the few martial arts actors whose acting skills are also recognized , He was admitted to the Central Academy of drama with the first place in the national performance major , After graduation, I acted in 50 Many films and TV plays , And compile 、 guide 、 All the performances are involved , It can be said that he is an all-round actor .

And for most viewers , The most familiar is Wu Yue's identity as an action actor .

To engage in art 20 year , Wu Yue has starred in a large number of classic film and television dramas , Created many classic characters , Such as 《 Heroes of martial arts 》 Chen Zhen in ,《 Liancheng Jue 》 Di Yun in ,《 The prodigal Yanqing 》 Yan Qing in , And high score drama 《 Underground transportation station 》 Cai Shuigen, an investigator of the Eighth Route Army in .

Except for television , Wu Yue also has many works on the big screen , For example, directed by Ye Weixin 《 Kill the Wolf · Greedy wolf 》 As Thai Chinese detective Cui Jie , Although caught between the male god Gu Tianle and the film emperor Lin Jiadong , Not only didn't you get pushed down , But Wu Yue left a deep impression on the audience with his neat skill .

2019 year , Wu Yue played 《 Leaf asked 4》, In the film, he plays Tai Chi Master Wan Zonghua , Had a wonderful duel with Ye man played by yen , Contributed a lot to the film .

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