Lisa sends hot fashion photos late at night! The show "white waist" in tight jacket won millions of praise

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lisa sends hot fashion photos

Lisa In the early morning alone IG Thank you to all the fans , Thank you for your support over the past five years , With a beautiful fashion photo in black , There is a large section of white waist in the lower part of the lens, which is super snappy ,PO It's nearly five million in less than six hours .

BLACKPINK 2016 year 8 month 8 Japanese single album 《Square One》 Double title song 《whistle》、《Boombayah》 Make an official debut , Since then, popularity has continued to rise , It has a large number of supporting fans all over the world , today (8 Japan ) In the morning , member Lisa To thank the fans for their support over the past five years , Especially sent several beautiful photos , The matching text says 「BLACKPINK And BLINK( Nicknames for fans ) Until forever 」, Make many fans super happy , As soon as the document was launched, it was close to 50000 in less than six hours , It can be seen that it is very popular .

Lisa The photos sent were praised as sincere , The first one is a bust , Wearing a black shoulder cut vest , Pedro Bulgari (BVLGARI)B.zero1 Series necklace 、 ring , In particular, wearing more than one necklace increases the sense of hierarchy , And perfect 「 Right shoulder 」 Of course, it is also a visual highlight . The picture slides slowly to the right , It turns out that this black vest is an ultra short jacket , Lower body with black leather pants , Show a large white waist , Perfect figure has become a hot topic again .

Lisa Thank the fans for their love and support .

like Lisa My little friend raised his hand !:)

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