Huo Zun was kidnapped by his girlfriend? After Chen Lu unilaterally announced her love affair, it triggered a heated discussion among netizens

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huo zun kidnapped girlfriend chen

8 month 8 Friday night , Huo Zun is suspected to have been unilaterally declared in love by the woman Chen Lu . On the day , Chen Lu posted two sweet group photos with Huo Zun on the social platform , And with a loving expression , In the photo , Chen Lu nestled in Huo Zun's arms , And they both wear black clothes , It's suspected to be a couple's outfit .

After Huo Zun's suspected relationship was unilaterally announced by the woman , It has aroused the attention and hot discussion of many netizens . Everyone left messages to express their blessings , meanwhile , I hope to see Huo Zun's own response . Unfortunately , Huo zunzai 9 There was no statement in the early morning of the th .

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