A 27 year old girl married a 40 year old uncle. Now I'm 39 and he's 52. The smell of her husband suffocates me

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year old girl married year

Pang Xin has just finished 39 birthday , For her , Life is still a long time , But the rest of my life seems to have come to a dead end . I was dying to marry a “ uncle ” Like a man , How much regret you have now .

For girls , A rich man is called Uncle , A man without money can only call him uncle .

“ uncle ” The word" , It was originally a very simple name . Later, with the popularity of Korean dramas , There is a uncle wind .《 Bride 18 year 》 Uncle Li Zhen called the prosecutor uncle , It makes us feel both playful and cute .

《 The bride is eighteen 》 Still

《 I'm sorry I love you 》 Rincai calls Wu he once every time , It's heartbreaking .

《 I'm sorry I love you 》 Still

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