Mei Ting, 45, took a plane to cause controversy. Netizens angrily criticized her lack of quality. I responded at 3 a.m!

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mei ting took plane cause

Chinese opera has always been the cradle of Chinese stars , Many teenagers with star dreams yearn here . From Chinese opera , There are countless stars coming out , No less than first-line artists 100 position , among 96 The first-class performance class is the most famous , There are now more than a dozen recognized strength groups ,“ Star class one ” fully deserve !

front “ Eight golden flowers ”, Also known as eight golden flowers , yes “ Star class one ” The biggest contributor , Including Zhang Ziyi , Qin Hailu , Yuan Quan , Zeng Li et al . Among so many people , Although Mei Ting is not the most beautiful 、 First famous 、 The largest Cafe , But he is definitely the most special one .—— Sophomore dropped out of school for acting .

Mei Ting who dropped out of school , Not affected , It's a smooth business . With the resources he gets , He gained a great reputation , Not only won many awards including international awards , Also found their own happiness . Now? 45 Mei Ting is definitely a model of a successful actor , His acting goes without saying , Exist like a textbook . However , Good and bad are interdependent . What I didn't expect was , She was criticized by many actors at the beginning of this year , So that her image collapses a little .

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