Zhang Yixing's "anti Mafia storm" can't be stopped. The three satellite TV networks don't say, the whole lineup is really arrogant

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zhang yixing anti mafia storm

Talking about Zhang Yixing , Many people actually know that he is an idol singer , But I never thought , stay “ men ” Driven by my brothers , Now Zhang Yixing , It is also gradually developing towards the performing arts circle , And the acting skills have gradually been recognized by the public , Compared with ordinary idols , Zhang Yixing's efforts and seriousness are also obvious to all .

《 Black storm 》 Fixed gear attack

From a top stream idol , Up to now, I have set up my own company to take trainees , Zhang Yixing grew up in his own way , To give young people who really want to sing and dance a stage . And he himself besides singing and dancing , Also brought a new work , The name of this work is 《 Black storm 》, Now the work is on file , I believe many people know ?

《 Black storm 》 It can be said to be a black-and-white duel , A battle of life and death , Whether it's the plot or the setting of characters , There is a smell of “ dangerous ” The smell of , As a masterpiece of anti Mafia , The play is finally going to be in 8 month 9 Meet the audience on the th , To be honest , Works with such themes , How could it not be attractive ?

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