If it weren't for Li Shali and fan Kaijie's love, I really don't know how anxious Zhang Shaogang's hosting is

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It's a little unexpected !

Audiences who have seen mango variety show , I'm sure I won't be too unfamiliar with its editing methods . Usually the next program will be given at the end of the film “ Leave something ”, But this time mango station , yes “ genuine ”.

The ending of the last program , The program team released Lisa �F The scene of my son's father crying , Many people subconsciously think : It's familiar again “ Soup and medicine ”. I didn't want to , This time I was really sad . Because when the positive is released , Have to say , The crew really didn't over render . Just Lisa �F The way Zi and fan Kaijie fall in love , Many viewers feel : Too worried .

Lisa �F Son of “ Love brain ” You must have seen it in the first program , If you sum it up in one sentence , It's like Lisa �F I said it myself :“ I like him ( Fan Kaijie ) Every point .” The meaning of this sentence can be basically understood as : The current fan Kaijie , In Lisa �F There are basically no shortcomings in Zi's eyes .

Some might say : Lisa �F Such a state of love is not uncommon , After all, I'm in love .

indeed , Men and women in love , It's really not appropriate to talk about “ Intelligence quotient (IQ) ” This thing . But the comparison is OK ?

by comparison , Fan Kaijie's love state , Than Lisa �F You should be much more rational .

Except for the last show , Fan Kaijie is in Lisha �F At the request of the son , Refuse to explain the pursuit process to the program group , In this issue 《 The love of daughters 4》, Fan Kaijie put “ rational ” Pushed to another height .

Just in Lisa �F Well arranged “ Hainan honeymoon trip ” in , Because the weather is a little hot and dry , So fan Kaijie is not happy to eat , Playing musical instruments is not fun . All in all , It was an awkward start . Fan Kaijie was so embarrassed that he didn't want to face the camera “ coordination ” Lisa �F Son , Make Lisa �F Just put “ lose ” Two words hang on your face . And this , It's also the reason why father Li cried . Because father Li thinks his daughter pays too much , And the man gives too little feedback .

Come here , I don't want to discuss Lisa more �F Is the way Zi and fan Kaijie fall in love good or bad , After all, the old saying is good ,“ Only your own feet know if your shoes are comfortable ”. Instead, , I'd like to talk about another guest of the program , Who ? Zhang Shaogang .

Fan Kaijie explained in a later interview : The reason why I am unhappy playing musical instruments is that I think of singing in the bar . At that time, fan Kaijie was very reluctant to let others touch his own things , So he thinks other musicians are the same .

Fan Kaijie's reason , It sounds reasonable to me , But it can't stand scrutiny . Because one essential difference is : Fan Kaijie was in a bar , The musicians in the program are in the tourist area . The tourist area after the tourists say hello , Go up and play musical instruments , In fact, it is a very normal phenomenon .

I don't know what you think of this ? Anyway, there are different opinions on the scene of the observation room .

Zhang Shaogang supports fan Kaijie , It means that fan Kaijie's reason is acceptable . But Lisa �F Son's father is still hard to accept .

Father Li gave his opinion : It has nothing to do with career , Because now I'm in love . Why can't you give in a little for the one you love ?

Father Li's rhetorical question , And a firm attitude , It really stunned Zhang Shaogang . I can see you , Zhang Shaogang this time “ muddle ” Not again “ and ” good . Why do you say “ also ”? Because last season's show , Zhang Shaogang also made similar inappropriate statements .

( Open the barrage , The audience's response to Zhang Shaogang's “ muddle ” The way of hosting is also very upset )

Remember last season's show , Zhang MingEn and Xu Lu . Zhang MingEn has honestly said that he has no heart for Xu Lu . But in order to continue to match the two , As the host, Zhang Shaogang found a different angle , explain : Will Zhang MingEn understand the heart as love at first sight ?

Words , Which one “ Gifted scholar ” Will understand the heart as love at first sight ? And at that time, Zhang MingEn and Xu Lu's programs were more than half recorded , I've seen you for months ! No heart is no , No longer exists “ Fall in love at first sight ” The premise of . Zhang Shaogang completely belongs to “ Hard match ”.

And what is the result of such a statement ? Zhang MingEn really went down through this step , Then he sent a document saying that it is to “ cardiac ” Comprehend “ Fall in love at first sight ” 了 .

Zhang MingEn used this , Calmed the storm of public opinion , And also got Xu Lu's forgiveness . It's just , It still hasn't changed “ Break up ” Outcome .

So looking back , By the fourth quarter , As a host, can you tell the truth ? Like a newcomer “ Host the camp ” My Addo , Speaking is more to the audience's appetite .

This is what Fan Kaijie should learn ”. This is after ah duo saw the relationship mode between Zhang Yuqi and her boyfriend , A very pertinent suggestion for fan Kaijie . That's the truth , And Lisa �F When my father heard it , The mood also eased a lot . But Zhang Shaogang ?

Zhang Shaogang said :“ I managed to get around fan Kaijie , Addo, you brought it in again .” When it's over, add :“ Addo, you're really good !” good heavens , It's strange that Addo ?

Need to know , Not every guest likes Zhang Shaogang “ muddle ” The way of . Especially Lisa �F Son Dad !

From Lisa �F From my father's attitude all the way , On the contrary, he likes to speak frankly , And that's what I am . So Zhang Shaogang has been “ Good intentions do bad things ”, I'm quite happy .

Fortunately , Other guests have sober .

Zhang Yuqi's best friend's husband , Also with Zhang Yuqi “ The mission ” The identity of Lin Zhida immediately “ Support ” Ah Duo , Express :( fall in love ) Is to face the problem sincerely . That makes sense !

Because dare to face problems , In order to better solve the problem . I believe many viewers can understand this , But Zhang Shaogang doesn't seem to understand .

And Zhang Shaogang listened to Lin Zhida , Return “ The first army ”. Change your mouth and shout fan Kaijie :“ Kejie, you should learn more , Listen to Lin Zhida ”. Look at Zhang Shaogang's expression , What irony means ?

And Zhang Shaogang added :“ There is another Li Bingxi ( You fan Kaijie have to learn )”. Come here , The audience can't help it . Launch the barrage again , Let Zhang Shaogang talk less ? therefore , It's not hard to understand why this way of hosting is not popular . Not only love “ muddle ”, also “ oil ”, And who disagrees with himself has to be ironic . Such a host , I'd like to know what people think ?

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