In Guo Jingjing's live studio, I saw for the first time that the status of entertainment stars was lower than that of sports stars!

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guo jingjing live studio saw

8 On the evening of the th, Guo Jingjing opened a live broadcast and connected a group of athletes participating in the Olympic Games , Including Yang Qian who won the gold medal , Guan Chenchen , Li Wenwen , And Yang Shuyu, who won the bronze medal , And Jia Nailiang is the only connected star , Then he will naturally become the redundant one .

In the course of chatting , Watching the Olympic champions talking about the harvest of participating in the Olympic Games and the fun in the process , Jia Nailiang, who is not in this circle, obviously can't get in , I can only listen to people talking silently , Boast from time to time .

It's rare for entertainment stars to give sports stars “ Be a supporting role ” , It just happens during the Olympic Games , In front of the Olympic athletes , Jia Nailiang really lacks confidence , Because the people in front of him are winning glory for the country , And he's just an entertainment star . If not during the Olympics , Jia Nailiang's attention is definitely higher than that of several other sports stars , Because this is common .

The current national situation is that entertainment stars have a high status , Because most ordinary people are through entertainment stars and their derivatives ( Film and television drama ) To meet your spiritual needs , As for physical exercise , That only exists in many people's imagination . This is a universal , But problems that cannot be easily solved .

can “ Entertainment stars have a higher status than sports stars ” This is an abnormal phenomenon , These sports stars who win glory for the country deserve more publicity , In fact, most viewers don't like watching a group of actors dominate the screen all day .

After the Olympic Games , It was estimated that the situation of sports stars gathering together for hot search would be gone , Next, I still feel the fear of being dominated by entertainment stars , After all, they spend money to hype and market themselves , And those sports stars will gradually be forgotten by the public .

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