Online exposure of the recent situation of actor Zhao Lixin, who was not deported, appeared in a low-key bar in Beijing to perform a stage play

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online exposure recent situation actor

Since the actor Zhao Lixin in Rui's Classics 2019 year 4 After making inappropriate remarks on Weibo in June , He was completely blocked by the major media , meanwhile , The mainstream state media criticized his view as naive , I don't know how to respect the history of my country . Although Zhao Lixin issued an apology afterwards , But it's obviously too late , He did not get the understanding of public opinion , The state media named him to be deported .

In recent days, , Some media found that Zhao Lixin did not leave the country , But showing up at a famous bar in Lido, Beijing , This bar is also called immersive drama bar , Every night there are some actors performing on stage , In and out of this occasion are also some upper class figures of society .

allegedly , Zhao Lixin has been here for a long time , And loved by the audience , His performance style has also been unanimously praised . From the picture , His figure seems to be a little thinner than before , But the whole person's mental outlook is very good . Meet fans and ask to take a picture with them , He is also very cooperative , There is no star's shelf , It seems very low-key and easy-going .

The reason why Zhao Lixin didn't return to Sweden , Probably because his actor status can't get much recognition in Sweden , His popularity has only a little influence in China , And left China , That basically indicates the complete closure of his way of making money . therefore , Although he is unlikely to return to the first-line show business , But on the edge of the entertainment industry , It's easy .

To be fair , Zhao Lixin is indeed one of the more powerful actors , Won the best supporting actor award many times , His historical play 《 Ming Dynasty 1566》、《 the creation of the world 》、 And martial arts drama 《 The Legend of The Condor Heroes 》 All have achieved good reputation . He doesn't just have outstanding acting skills , It is also unique in film and television dubbing , Hot variety show 《 Near the border 》 in , He voiced the characters in four languages , At that time, four people were surprised , Pan Yueming 、 Du Haitao and others feel incredible .

besides , Zhao Lixin is also good at screenwriting 、 host 、 Script adaptation, etc , Because of his versatility , Therefore, it is also called an all-round talent . If you put aside his personal inappropriate remarks , He is indeed one of the few , An excellent actor on acting online , It's a pity that he has a good hand , Finally, it was badly beaten .

Although now he lives in a small bar , But his personal talent is still sharp , It's just unlikely to return to the ranks of first-line actors , I can't help feeling sorry for him !

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