At the age of 51, Liang Peihu held a party to celebrate his birthday. He rarely showed his face. He married a rich businessman's husband and lived a rich life. He had no pressure to be a stepmother

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age liang peihu held party

2021 The Miss Hong Kong election in is still in full swing , Frankly speaking , Hong Kong sister beauties are mostly short-lived , If you don't do much after being elected ( Entertainment Development ), It's easy to forget , Just like 1989 The top three Hong Kong sisters in , Now, I'm afraid only the champion Chen Farong can be remembered , Because she has been active in the entertainment industry .

Liang Peihu and Zhu Jieyi

As for the runner up Zhu Jieyi , Liang Peihu, the third runner up , Almost disappeared , Especially Liang Peihu ,2016 After suddenly marrying a real estate developer in Inner Mongolia , There is little news of her , I seldom see her face , Until recently, she ushered in 51 birthday , Just suddenly released recent photos on the social platform , Zhu Jieyi, the runner up of the same term, also showed up . I haven't seen Liang Peihu for a long time , Although her filter is too heavy , But the overall maintenance looks good , Beauty is still .

Liang Peihu is 1989 Hong Kong sister in , The competition in that year's Hong Kong sister election was not too fierce , At least not like 1988 The election of , Li Jiaxin is the only one , The light is too strong , Make the runner up 、 The light of the third runner up was covered up .1989 The quality of the top three Hong Kong sisters in is not bad , Chen Farong's appearance will not be mentioned , And runner up 、 The third runner up is also quite outstanding , Especially Liang Peihu, the third runner up , Her beauty is quite different from that of Chen Farong , She also has a little girl's loveliness and innocence , So when she was elected, she signed TVB, Want to develop in the entertainment industry .

Unfortunately, Liang Peihu's development is not as good as Chen Farong , stay TVB For years , Made a lot of TV dramas , The highest yield is in 1992 year , Six plays a year , It's just that I haven't been highly praised , Not too bright performance , I'm a little frustrated , Especially when I saw that Chen Farong was already sitting on the front line . She's on an appointment TVB Then he left the nest resolutely , Want to find a new way out of the film industry , But also not very good performance ,90 After the mid-s , She simply left the entertainment industry , Started another way of life . The reason why we always compare Liang Peihu with Chen Farong , Not just because they are Hong Kong sisters at the same time , There is competition , It also lies in the fact that there has always been discord between each other , From the beginning of the election until later ――2016 In, Liang Peihu publicly said on the program that Chen Farong illegally photographed the cover of the weekly magazine when choosing Hong Kong sister , Afterwards, he pretended to be wronged , This makes the discord between them rampant .

It is unknown whether there is any discord between the two , Chen Farong never responded , In short, after the election, there was no intersection between the two . Chen Farong is still developing in the entertainment industry , Liang Peihu is 90 He moved to business after the mid-1990s , At the same time, it also focuses on learning , In these years of fading out, she has obtained a professional diploma in law from the University of Hong Kong , A bachelor's degree in law from the University of London , I also studied jewelry design , Painting course , In recent years, he has also entered the industry of Writers , Published a love novel , In short, more and more talented , But it's getting farther and farther away from the entertainment industry . This may also be a good thing for her , After all, there are too many rights and wrongs in the circle , She is always easy to be caught by the media and has a bad relationship with Chen Farong . in fact , Later, although Liang Peihu occasionally appeared in the program , But they all appear like dragonflies , Because she married a good husband , Although the other party is a second marriage , And a son , But she doesn't mind , He has a good relationship with his stepson , Have integrated into each other's family , So there's no pressure to be a stepmother , Treat each other like their own sons .

1989 The top three Hong Kong sisters in have a rough emotional road , Champion Chen Farong is still unmarried , Runner up Zhu Jieyi is still unmarried , Liang Peihu, the third runner up, is also half weight , until 2016 He married a rich Mongolian real estate merchant in . Before marriage , Liang Peihu has also experienced several relationships , But they all ended up breaking up , And once I met an emotional liar twice , Lost money , And once fell into a love triangle , It's very embarrassing . She had lost confidence in her feelings , Later, I met Guo Yunfei, a rich real estate businessman in Inner Mongolia , Rekindle confidence in feelings , They are in 2016 Years of marriage , It has remained stable for five years , The man is super considerate and loving to her , Her birthday is celebrated every year .

Liang Peihu recently welcomed 51 birthday , Guo Yunfei held a cowboy themed birthday party for her with great interest , Also invited many friends in the circle to show their faces , Including Zhu Jieyi, a Hong Kong sister of the same age as Liang Peihu 、 Huang Baiming 、 Liang Xiaobing and his wife, etc . The size of the party is small , The victory lies in intention , The whole venue is made with the style of western cowboy , All guests present need to wear jeans , To match the theme of the party . Among them, Zhu Jieyi's face is a bright spot , It proves that she has a good relationship with Liang Peihu , Get to know each other 32 It's not easy to feel like a sister , But she Liang Peihu and the champion Chen Farong had no such feelings , Even if they don't disagree , And don't communicate with each other .

Another highlight is that Liang Peihu's husband Guo Yunfei also appeared , He shows off as a cowboy , It is very suitable for Liang Peihu's dress , This is also his rare appearance after marrying Liang Peihu . And I haven't seen Liang Peihu for a long time , Her maintenance is still quite appropriate , Wearing a denim skirt with suspenders, she looks energetic , It doesn't look like a person over half a hundred . After the birthday party , She rarely shared a lot of birthday photos , And leave a message saying “ A man knows his destiny , Not so-called fatalism , But understand the so-called fate , Everything now , It's all made by yourself , Therefore, we should not complain about heaven 、 No special people ”, Obviously she has a very thorough view of life .

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