Qin Lan's latest work photo is exposed. Sitting by the window reading, the picture is beautiful and full of atmosphere

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qin lan latest work photo

In recent days, , Qin LAN studio posted two photos of Qin LAN on the Internet , And Penn “ Qin Lan's shooting scene , Catch a quiet Qin Xiaolan ”, Judging from the photos and the supporting articles of Qin Lan's studio , These two photos should be Qin Lan's latest work photos , Qin LAN sat by the window reading , The picture is beautiful , The atmosphere is also full , Qin Lan's figure and temperament have become the focus of netizens .

From Qin Lan's performance during this period of time , It seems that Qin LAN is still very busy , Not only are new plays being filmed , And also attended many activities , This time, Qin Lan's studio showed her latest work photos , Further confirmed that Qin Lan's resources are very good , Now Qin LAN has 40 s , Still working so hard , Have to say , Qin LAN is really a hard-working female star .

According to the photos released by Qin Lan's studio , Qin LAN is wearing a white turtleneck sweater , With a long black dress , Wearing a pair of black high boots , The hair style is medium and long , The shape looks very foreign , The whole person looks quite elegant , Although Qin LAN turned sideways to the camera , But you can still feel her pretty , It even makes people feel exciting .

Qin LAN sat by the window reading , I can see that this is a pose , however , The feeling is quite serious , Not only is the picture beautiful , And the atmosphere is also very good , Qin Lan's figure is also quite good , The white turtleneck sweater is very slim , It just outlines Qin Lan's figure curve , Basically, you can use concave convex to describe Qin Lan's body state .

After Qin Lan's latest work photo was exposed , Not only attracted the attention of netizens , And it also caused heated discussion among netizens , A netizen left a message in the comment area ,“ Beauty is not square ”, Qin Lan's appearance was praised by netizens , Another netizen left a message in the comment area ,“ Two words , Aestheticism , plump ”, Qin Lan's temperament and figure have also been praised by netizens .

Judging from the photos of Qin LAN in the past in Qin LAN studio ,40 Qin LAN, who is in her twenties, is really well maintained , Whether it's skin or body , Are particularly young , It doesn't look like a 70 Post female star , It seems that Qin LAN is not only a hard-working female star, but also a female star who knows how to maintain , Looking forward to Qin LAN bringing more new works .

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