Premiere of song with you: why is Cheng Ruoyu played by Zhang Yuxi too silly, white and sweet?

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premiere song cheng ruoyu played

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《 Song with Jun 》 In everyone's expectation, it finally began to broadcast . And in this play , Cheng Yi plays Qi Yan , Is a young emperor , Zhang Yuxi plays Cheng Ruoyu , It's the new sword bearer of the purple Bureau , This play is mainly about Li Yan and Cheng Ruoyu supporting each other , Eradicate evil spirits , The story of stabilizing Chaogang .


And to be honest , Compared with Cheng Yi's acting skills, Zhang Yuxi's acting school is quite inferior . In particular, Cheng Ruoyu renshe, played by Zhang Yuxi , After the broadcast was N Many netizens make complaints about it , All agree that this person is too stupid and sweet . Why do you say that ?

First of all , Her attitude towards Qi Yan is very disrespectful .

When Qi Yan hunted foxes , Two people met by chance . When Qi Yan hasn't found her yet , She is still crazy about Qi Yan . And after Qi Yan found her , Her words are full of self complacency , He said he was the new sword bearer of Ziyi Bureau , The attitude towards Qi Yan is also very frivolous .

Zhang Yuxi plays Cheng Ruoyu

So it's really right for Qi Yan to say she's stupid . By comparison, we can know the chess player's attitude towards Qi Yan , That is the right attitude of the minister towards the Emperor . And compared with the attitude of the last swordsman , Cheng Ruoyu is really suitable to be a favorite imperial concubine , Not to protect the Emperor , Stabilize the court . however , Maybe it's because Cheng Ruoyu is lively , Just let Qi Yan look at it differently ? After all, Qi Yan is really miserable enough , Only a person like the little sun can heal him ?

Cheng Yi plays Qi Yan

second , Cheng Ruoyu doesn't know who the enemy is .

I don't know if she can see the situation in chaotang ? But the eunuch next to the emperor was her relative , She should also understand the relationship between the purple Bureau and the Emperor . Her task is to assist the Emperor , The emperor is now controlled by Qiu Shiliang . Qiu Shiliang was just trying to support a puppet emperor , Then control the government by yourself . When Qi Yan ascended the throne , Qiu Shiliang gave Qi Yan a threat , Let Qi Yan kneel .

Qiu Shiliang and Qi Yan

Qiu Shiliang often fed Qi Yan all kinds of messy pills , In order to make Qi Yan not in the mood to manage the government . under these circumstances , Shouldn't she know that the chess player is her enemy ? Even if you don't know when you first meet , But when you meet someone who already knows her identity, you shouldn't be so enthusiastic . So I hope that Cheng Ruoyu's unprepared will not hold him back .

But that's why , Qiu Yanzhi keeps being soft hearted , Even willing to sacrifice himself for Cheng Ruoyu ? Have to say , Moved villains now have a new routine , That's to see who's more stupid . Or Qiu Yanzhi knows that Cheng Ruoyu is his sister , Qiu Yanzhi's mental strength is really a complete victory. Cheng Ruoyu .

Xuan Lu plays Qiu Yanzhi

Third , The value of force is quite high , But IQ is not enough .

Although Cheng Ruoyu's force value is very high , Kill out in front of a crowd of women , Become the new sword bearer of Ziyi Bureau , But compared with the chess player , This IQ is really not high . Maybe people think it's enough for the sword bearer to listen to the Emperor . Cheng Ruoyu is innocent and doesn't say , She has no heart at all . Dare to ask for help outside , Get in someone else's car . Someone asked her out , She dares to go out , Fortunately, Qi Yan didn't do anything to her . And when facing down , Who dare to pull the enemy camp , He said he would treat him to dinner .

Zhang Yuxi plays Cheng Ruoyu

Anyway, at present, the heroine should be the one with the lowest IQ among all people . What I hope most now is that she doesn't lag behind in the follow-up development . Otherwise, it's hard for people to like her role .

I wonder if you like the role of Cheng Ruoyu ? I don't know what you think ? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area .

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