Wen Yongshan dates her husband. Wu Qinan wears cloth shoes with a white T-shirt. It's also beautiful for the couple to play mobile phones alone

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wen yongshan dates husband. husband

As a Hong Kong actress , Although Wen Yongshan's popularity is not very high in the Mainland , But she is an actress favored by many Hong Kong people . At the beginning, Wen Yongshan was found on the road by a star Scout , Up to now 30 I'm still working in the entertainment industry in my twenties , After more than ten years of development, I haven't given up my career , It can be seen that Wen Yongshan is a persistent female star .

And many Hong Kong female artists are out to improve their popularity , Then marry into a rich family . When Wen Yongshan married rich Wu Qinan , Many people also feel that Wen Yongshan has a good life , Because Wu Qinan family can be regarded as a rich family in Hong Kong . Wen Yongshan married into a rich family as a female star , It is also the ultimate dream of many female stars .

But Wen Yongshan and Wu Qinan have been married for more than three years , Not only did they not have children immediately , Wen Yongshan is not like other female stars , Marry into a rich family , Give up your career in the entertainment industry immediately . On the contrary, we see that Wen Yongshan continues to shoot in the entertainment circle , Attend the event , It's not that rich and powerful people are too rich to be treated with respect .

From the situation of Wen Yongshan and Wu Qinan who met by netizens on a date together , As a descendant of a rich family , Wen Yongshan's husband is also quite simple . At that time, Wu Qinan was wearing cloth shoes , With white T T-shirt . If you don't know that he is Wen Yongshan's husband , Just look at Wu Qinan's dress , Perhaps many people are not sure that Wu Qinan is Wen Yongshan's partner .

Compared with Wu Qinan's simplicity , Wen Yongshan herself seems to pay more attention to dress . I saw Wen Yongshan wearing a very photogenic skirt , Even if it's not filming in front of the camera or attending an event , Personal behavior also has the style of a female star , Never because you don't work in the entertainment industry , Just indulge yourself a little .

Wu Qinan and Wen Yongshan were dating in a crowded Cafe , The couple will probably have nothing to say , So two people play their own mobile phones . But even if the couple are immersed in their own mobile phones , Wen Yongshan and Wu Qinan also look very beautiful , The marriage of the same age seems to be a real match .

Like big S That way , I worked hard in the entertainment industry before marriage , Not afraid of hardship . But when he announced that he was married to Wang Xiaofei , I wish the whole world knew that I married well , He soon announced his withdrawal from the entertainment industry , Concentrate on life . Wen Yongshan is also very hard at marriage , But marriage didn't make her give up her career .

So big S Even after giving birth , Want to make a comeback in the entertainment industry , But because I have given up many opportunities , There are not many opportunities for her now . Wen Yongshan, even if she is a rich family, is too , And don't give up your career , But to hold your life in your own hands , Although it looks hard , But it also makes many people feel that Wen Yongshan is a woman who can make her own decisions .

Others say that if Wu Qinan didn't respect his wife , It is estimated that after Wen Yongshan gets married , It will also be like many rich and powerful families , I was asked by my mother-in-law to get married and have children , Then live a low-key life at home , Husband and son and so on . It is precisely because of Wu Qinan's respect for his wife , Wen Yongshan wants to develop in the entertainment industry , She can continue to develop in the entertainment industry .

In fact, Wen Yongshan's career is not plain sailing , Because I said the wrong thing when I was young , Wen Yongshan's career once suffered a devastating blow . Wen Yongshan could have been away from the entertainment industry because of being everyone , A quiet life . But she still chose to face everyone's questions , Conquer the public with your acting skills .

So now I mention Wen Yongshan , Many people not only envy her, but also her rich family , What I envy more is her efforts to perform , And the acting skills contributed to character building . And you? , Do you think Wen Yongshan lives an independent and happy life ?

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