Compromise with Zhang Heng? On the 12th anniversary of Zheng Shuang's debut, he sent a document suspicious of washing white: man, give me a way to live. I'm not a devil

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compromise zhang heng 12th th

8 month 9 Zheng Shuang suddenly sent a document : Man, give me a way to live , I'm not a devil , I'm the little monster you love !

Time difference between Beijing time and the United States 12 Hour or so , Zheng Shuang's current date is still 8 month 8 Japan , It's also her debut 12 Anniversary , Is Zheng Shuang shouting across the air to come back ?

Netizens also speculated whether she was compromising to Zhang Heng ? Still complaining silently …… The idea of a comeback is clear .

After the recent storm in Wu Yifan , Zheng Shuang, who is so busy in the United States, is not idle at all , Seek online advice .

Yesterday, I also spoke for Ali's female employees , It can be said that she has to rub a wave of heat for relevant hot events .

On his debut anniversary, he wrote that he was not a devil , yes “ The little monster you love ”, It's quite suspected of wooing fans to wash white .

Whoever said this to , Zheng Shuang doesn't seem to really realize his mistake ,DY Only half a year after the storm , With the flow heat of her year , Every speech will always lead to hot discussion among netizens .

Zheng Shuang published a document to expose his miserable life in the United States , Rely on friends for relief , Family accounts are blocked , It is thousands of miles away from the high star image of that day , Even when asked about donations by netizens, they said “ Today is different from the past ”, Cool mom only drying out donations 500 Yuan certificate .

Zheng Shuang urgently needs to come back , But because surrogacy became a bad artist, he was banned from the whole network , Plus taking care of two young children in the United States , No progress has been made in the results of the domestic tax investigation , And being sued and compensated by investors from all sides , It's not that easy to get back .

Zheng Shuang said “ I'm not a devil ” It seems a little inappropriate to defend .

Coincidentally, Luo Zhixiang replied yesterday that fans also planned to return ,“ I won't disappear Give me some time I will try to get back to my original seat ! Because there are you ”…… Is this an appointment to brush the sense of existence ?

In July, Zheng Shuang publicly disclosed his embarrassing life in the United States , At the same time, I apologize to the society and fans .

“ I would like to apologize with the most sincere attitude , Please understand the truth on all platforms , I would like to spend the rest of my life in return ”, Even shouted to Zhang Heng not to harass her again , Claiming to hold evidence of Zhang Heng's cheating , I didn't expect to be slapped in the face by Zhang Heng .

Zhang Heng and Zheng Shuang's entanglement is almost that Zheng Shuang is beaten in the face ,7 month 20 Zhang Heng's long article 《 To Zheng Shuang 》 How she abandoned her children , And drying out chat records , To prove Zheng Shuang's sky high price and film pay , And tax issues , Last , Zhang Heng advised Zheng Shuang “ Be generous , follow correct opinions or well-intentioned advice like water flowing swiftly and smoothly downward ”!

Zhang Heng doesn't seem to want to be right “ Little monster ” A soft attitude , The evidence has been hard and fresh , Zheng Shuang's tax investigation is still in progress , And lawsuits , Then choose to shout on your debut anniversary , What is it ?

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