"Yearning for life 5" opened six episodes, and only one female guest was invited. The director did what he said

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People say three women in a play , But that is 《 Desired life 》 Director Wang Zhengyu here , It became a play of four men .

Why is that ? Director Wang once said that female artists have thousands of needles in their hearts , I can't guess , So he prefers to use male artists .

But someone will ask :“ Since I think female artists are troublesome , Then why invite Sister Zhang Zifeng as a permanent guest ? Isn't she also a female artist ?”

But how can this embarrass director Wang , He was before season 5 , I once said in an interview that I don't invite and don't like to invite female artists .

In director Wang's view , Not just in his eyes , In the eyes of other staff of the program group and even other guests , My sister is not a “ A woman ”, It is a “ a young girl ”, There's one more thing , Zhang Zifeng basically doesn't make up when recording the program .

In other words , My sister is in the eyes of the program team , Not just a simple little girl , And my sister is not as troublesome as other female artists , Not only do you have to make up, but you may also make some little moths from time to time .

Don't say , At first glance, what director Wang said is quite reasonable , But you can't stand scrutiny as soon as you taste it .

If you don't know the specific situation , People may feel sexist . In fact, it's the same , When director Wang's remarks were released, many netizens scolded him for discriminating against women .

Although in the end everyone understood what he really wanted to express , But I have to say that director Wang's expression ability is also too poor , Otherwise, you can't make such controversial remarks .

If you don't look at Wang Zhengyu's remarks that upset women , His variety show is really good , It's all interesting . Five seasons of good results 《 Desired life 》 Is the best masterpiece ;

And it can best prove that director Wang “ Female artists are in trouble ” The of speech is 《 Desired life 5》 We've finished six shows , As a result, the mushroom house only invited one female guest , But the male guests have invited four , One to four .

A female guest is sister Yang Zi , The four male guests are Liu Xiaoyi , Qiao bin , Chen he and Li Sheng . thus it can be seen , Director Wang's remarks are indeed not empty , Speaking of achievement .

But unfortunately , In the upcoming seventh program, Mushroom House welcomes the second female guest of the season : Li Xueqin .

So! , After all, director Wang is just an ordinary person , The ultimate goal of making a show is to make money , So how can you ignore the preferences of the audience for your personal preferences ?

also ,《 Desired life 》 It's not like 《 Challenge the limit 》 This high-intensity physical exertion program , Even if it's a bunch of men playing together, there's no sense of disobedience .

but 《 Desired life 》 It's a slow-paced life program , It's strange for a bunch of men to stay together .

Although director Wang invited his sister to do this “ Buffer ”, But as he said , My sister is too young and shy , It's a little difficult for an active atmosphere and taking the initiative to chat with guests .

therefore , Wang Daocai had to bow to reality , stay 《 Desired life 5》 Yang Zi was invited to record .

however , I have to say that although director Wang's language expression ability is not good , But he has a good eye for artists , Just like the program that invited Yang Zi to the mushroom house before, the response was very good .

Yang Zi, as we all know “ pistachios ”, It not only brings traffic and topics to the program , It also brings the atmosphere of the mushroom house , Even my sister, who usually doesn't talk much, became infected by Yang Zi “ A little chatter ”.

Even from the preview of the seventh program , Li Xueqin, the guest of the next issue, is also a man with no worse mobility than men “ Super woman ”.

So director Wang , You don't think all female artists are in trouble , You think it's the trouble of female artists who have a lot of hypocrisy , So pay more attention to the scope of your next speech !

Although some female artists are really annoying , But director, you can't knock over a boat of people with one stick , see , Monkey purple and Li Xueqin are good examples ! Neither affectation , It's not annoying , And help work , How nice! !

therefore , I hope director Wang will pay attention to the wording in an interview in the future , Don't offend the good female artists , Finally, it really turned the mushroom house into “ Men's special ”. otherwise , It's estimated that only men will see .

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