Superstar Chow Yun Fat once sold cameras in hotels. In order to make money, he signed up for the TVB training class

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superstar chow yun fat sold

Superstar Chow Yun Fat ( Fage ) Saturday (7 Japan ) Awarded by the Baptist University 「 Honorary doctor of Humanities 」 after , Talk to well-known film director Zhuang Wenqiang , Fage, who was born in the grassroots, revealed that he had actually done a lot of work before entering the industry , Include :13 When I was a middle school student, I worked in an electronics factory in the summer 、 The second summer job is to do electronic radio packaging , I was laughed at by Zhuang Wenqiang and pointed out early in the morning 「 electric 」 It's fate .

Fage continued to point out that later he went to Meihua hotel to do Bellboy, At that time, every time I received tips, I had to record and turn them in , Once I received a rare sweet � Di ( And a half ) Dollar coins , Out of magic, he secretly put it in his pocket , Unexpectedly, at that moment, the minister was caught standing behind him , Ask him to leave with his baggage on the spot , Fage humor refers to :「 If, uh �S I'm sorry about that � Open and dirty � Open the door tightly .」 Make the audience laugh .

Chow Yun fat was awarded by the Baptist University 「 Honorary doctor of Humanities 」 after , Talk to well-known film director Zhuang Wenqiang .

Fage continued to point out that he went to the peninsula hotel to sell cameras under the recommendation of his relatives , I happened to see nothing in the newspaper �Q Television is the first 3 The recruitment advertisement for the artist training class , Bold to sign up with friends , A friend lost the election 、 But he was chosen , Fage admitted that he signed up that year :「 Purely for ���� food .」 flat

Classes are held on 「 Frolic 」 Mainly , And from time to time to go with my classmates 「 Babel bridge 」(Barbecue), Sounds quite interesting , He also pointed out that classes had to be paid every month at that time $25 Yuan tuition , There are internships before graduation , And my first episode was 《 The cause of laughter 》, At that time, I stood next to the hero Chen Zhenhua as a tomato gel coffee 「 Wandering soul 」 incidentally 「 Cultivate nutrients 」, As for when I found out I could act , Fage said :「 Know yourself first , Then put your life experience into the role , What about �S Recently you , It's natural to play yourself .」

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