"Cold faced Xiaosheng" Chen Baoguo became famous overnight at the age of 26 and spoiled alone for 47 years. How is it now?

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cold faced xiaosheng chen baoguo

Mention Chen Baoguo , I believe many netizens are not unfamiliar , He has contributed many classic roles to everyone , It is also known as a national first-class actor .

What is valuable is that , Surrounded by many auras, Chen Baoguo , Cherish your feathers very much , For so many years , Not only is there no scandal , And I'm deeply in love with my original wife . This is in the impetuous entertainment circle , It's very rare .

today , Let me tell you the story of Chen Baoguo .

1974 year ,18 Year old Chen Baoguo had the idea of becoming an actor , He plans to enter the Central Academy of drama . Maybe it's God's reward , He is not very talented , But with good looks , The examiner took a fancy to , Started his college days .

College life is pleasant and colorful , Chen Baoguo's young heart began to agitate .

He noticed a girl named Zhao kui'e , This Shandong girl of the same age as Chen Baoguo , A beautiful face , Get slim , Is the dream lover of many boys .

Chen Baoguo will not miss such a beautiful woman , In order to catch up with Zhao kui'e , Chen Baoguo also took great pains . He not only mobilized the whole class of boys to become his helper , Also let several students in the same dormitory take cover , For his date with Zhao kui'e “ Human flesh barrier ”.

That's it , Under the majestic school rules , Chen Baoguo and Zhao kui'e secretly fell in love for three years .

1978 year , Chen Baoguo and Zhao kui'e both graduated . Zhao kui'e stayed in school for further study , Chen Baoguo was assigned to the Chinese children's Art Theater , Became an actor .

For the next few years , Chen Baoguo's career has not improved , He's been making soy sauce on the set , Play little unknown roles .

however , His relationship with Zhao kui'e has not been affected , On the contrary, it has reached the point of talking about marriage .

1982 year , The Libra of fate finally biased towards Chen Baoguo . CCTV is preparing to shoot a TV series 《 Red orange yellow green blue violet 》, Director Wang Fulin found Chen Baoguo to play male number one .

Once the play is broadcast , It set off a viewing frenzy .

26 Chen Baoguo became famous overnight , Also won the first Golden Eagle Award as Emperor .

Because he has an angular face , The eyes are cold and pressing , Also known as “ Cold faced Xiaosheng ”.

After winning the prize, Chen Baoguo , The first thing is to have a simple wedding with Zhao kui'e ,8 Years of love relationship has finally come to fruition .

In the second year , Zhao kui'e gave birth to Chen Baoguo's son, Chen Yueyue , How happy is the family of three .

In the days to come , Chen Baoguo is hanging up all the way , He starred one after another 《 Whips 》《 Old shop 》《 Beiyang Navy 》《 Fragrant soul girl 》《 Wu zetian 》《 My father, my mother 》《 Red Crag 》......

however , What really makes Chen Baoguo popular all over the country is 《 Big house door 》, It is worth mentioning that , Zhao kui'e also played a role . The couple went to battle together , It's really enviable .

Gao Guang hit Chen Baoguo one after another ,2002 year ,45 Year old Chen Baoguo relies on 《 Chief of public security 》 Another Golden Eagle Award .2007 year , Chen Baoguo relies on 《 Ming Dynasty 1566》 For the first 5 the “ National TV Artists who are both virtuous and artistic ” Title of honor .2010 year , Chen Baoguo relies on 《 teahouse 》 Win the flying award, Shidi .

It is said that men who become famous will become playful , Because I can't stand the temptation around me , It can also cause marital change . however , This will never happen to Chen Baoguo .

Chen Baoguo often receives letters from female fans , There are also many people who dare to show their love , however , Chen Baoguo always ignored , The reply is the same :“ thank ! study hard ”.

2015 year ,59 Year old Chen Baoguo won “ Magnolia ”“ Flying Award ” Double material sees the Emperor , At the awards ceremony , He shouted to his wife :“ Quie , I love you! !” The award party once reached a climax .

The love between husband and wife really infected too many people , Have to say , Chen Baoguo's success , It is inseparable from Zhao kui'e's silent dedication and support . His gratitude to his wife is beyond words .

Actually , Zhao kui'e is also an old opera bone with very good acting skills . She and her husband Chen Baoguo have also cooperated in many works .

such as 《 My father, my mother 》《 Big house door 》《 The clouds of Beijing 》《 River children 》《 The right is invincible 》......

Today's Chen Baoguo , Has joined hands with his wife Zhao kui'e 47 year , Their feelings are still so good .

the other day , Some media photographed Chen Baoguo and his wife Zhao kui'e traveling together in the same frame . The couple just finished their meal in the restaurant , I also carry a lot of shopping bags in my hand , It looks like shopping and eating together .

65 Year old Chen Baoguo dressed low-key but very young , Not at all like people in their sixties , Wife Zhao kui'e keeps a good figure , Wearing a white suit , Closely follow Chen Baoguo , The way they walk side by side is very enviable .

And then , They got on a white million luxury car , Enough to see , Chen Baoguo's economic strength is still very good .

however , The only thing that worries Chen Baoguo is his son's marriage at the end of the month , He has urged his son to marry many times , After all , The son has 38 Year old . On my son's marriage , Chen Baoguo is like ordinary people , Also anxious , Will also be upset .

Last , I hope the Chen Baoguo family will be happier and happier !

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