It is said that Lisa F's love brain, in fact, Zhou Yangqing is the most impulsive

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said lisa love brain fact

Lisa �F Son love brain , Feeling too humble

《 The love of daughters 4》 It's just on the air , Some viewers said they were suffocating , Among them, the most controversial is Lisa �F Son , A school flower of Wuhan University , Have a degree , To be worthy of beauty , where , They are all dazzling flowers , But she has a special liking for Lao Fan next door .

Lao Fan , He is also a talented musician , But beyond that , There's really nothing to praise , That looks and looks , Even in passers-by , It also belongs to the general level , Not to mention the entertainment circle full of handsome men and beautiful women . If it weren't for this show , I believe many people don't know Lao Fan .

But Li Sha was conquered by Lao Fan's musical talent , Lao Fan sings a song casually , She's obsessed with it , I was moved by singing .

In fact, there are many girls who are talented by boys , If it's really fair and happy for two people to get along , No one talked to her , But Lao Fan is an extremely self person in love , What he was unhappy about , I'd rather let my girlfriend be embarrassed in full view of the public , And unwilling to cooperate .

So many netizens scolded her for being in love , Dad was so distressed that he let his daughter come back , Stop talking , In fact, in this humble relationship , Lisa �F There is also a big problem with children .

For example, her posture is too low , Obviously, Lao Fan is very ordinary , In her eyes, it's like looking at a baby , I'm afraid of melting when I hold it in my hand , This time on the show , She is also mixed , I'm glad I can fall in love with Lao Fan in a big way , Enjoy the happiness of vacation together .

The worry is , She knew the show was hot , What if Lao Fan gets angry ? It is estimated that a large number of girls will like him , What Lisha is most worried about is that Lao Fan will abandon her .

Obviously , Lisa �F I think a little too much , This program only saw Lao Fan's impatience and selfishness , It's harder to circle powder than to go to heaven .

The whole trip was Lisa �F Sub arrangements , Where do I go for dinner? , Where to see the sea , This requires many days of Raiders , Even what Lao Fan wears these days , She got everything ready , I don't know. I thought Lisa was Lao Fan's assistant ?

But Lao Fan not only didn't thank his girlfriend for his efforts , Instead, the whole process was perfunctory , Even carry a bag , He let his girlfriend come by himself , The shopkeeper shook hands like a little child , You'll be depressed anytime, anywhere .

The weather is too hot , shout “ I want to shave my head ”;

The clothes are wet , shout “ I'm not in the mood ”;

Find him a place to play drums , Let him use his musical talent , With a straight face , Irritability overflows with words , It's harder than taking care of children !

Zhou Yangqing is the most impulsive , I'll be on the show in a few days

They say Lisa �F Son is a love brain , But after all, one is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer , The man of your choice , I have to walk the whole journey with tears . In fact, Zhou Yangqing is the most impulsive , Helo �F Just a few days , You can bravely take each other on the show .

When Zhou Yangqing received the notice , Luo Hao hasn't appeared yet , She had expected to meet different male guests on the show , But at this critical moment , Luo Hao appeared , Prevented Zhou Yangqing from looking for her boyfriend on the program .

In the spirit of being responsible to the audience , Zhou Yangqing , This relationship has only been developing for more than a month , Just put it on the camera .

Luo Hao used to keep a low profile , I've never seen it on public camera , But at least he is a big president of Haolilai , Facing so many cameras , Or nervous and anxious .

I don't know if it's the reason for my appearance , Anyway, look at Luo Hao's expression , A little angry , And a little impatient , Zhou Yangqing tried to find a topic to talk to him , He still has no interaction and response .

When the pilot film was broadcast , The other two couples are sweet , Zhou Yangqing and Luo Hao did nothing .

Everyone is not optimistic about Lisa �F Son's feelings , In fact, Zhou Yangqing is even less optimistic , After all, they don't even have any interaction , Some netizens speculated that , Did they split up long ago ?

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