Li mei'e's life photo in I really love you was exposed. Zhang Yishan and Wang Junkai were her students

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li mei life photo really

TV play 《 I really love you 》 There will be a big ending soon , There are two in the play “ Villain ” figure , Make the audience feel itchy , That's Chen jiaorui and Li Meie . The success of character building , Most of this is due to the acting skills of the actors themselves , Chen jiaorui may be known by many viewers , It is played by Wang Yuanke . So who is the actor of Li Meie ?

“ Li Meie ” Photos of my life , So beautiful

according to the understanding of , The actor who plays Li mei'e is sui lan , Graduated from Beijing Film Academy . The name may be strange , But Sui LAN has been in the show for nearly 20 A movie and TV play .

Don't look at Li Meie shaped by Sui lan , cheerleading , make trouble , There is still some darkness in my heart , But Sui Lan's beauty is still quite high .

Especially when you're young , figure 、 Facial features and temperament are not inferior to Yang Mi !

Even now ,40 Sui Lan's temperament is still outstanding , Looks much younger than his peers .

You see , And 41 Compared with Yao Chen , It doesn't lose the wind at all !

She's not just an actress , Or Nortel teacher

In the play , Sui LAN and Du Chun have wonderful opposite scenes , But in reality , They are also classmates of Nortel . Again , And Yao Chen 、 Yang Zhigang 、 Huang Xiaolei .

Sui Lan's development in the film and television industry is not very popular , But she was a top student in Beidian , After graduation, he will stay in school to teach , While filming , While teaching . meanwhile , And the identity of a producer .

Sui LAN is not very famous , But she is full of peaches and plums , Many of the students taught are now well-known big stars , For example, Zhang Yishan 、 Wang Junkai is her student . Especially Wang Junkai , Sui LAN is also his head teacher , Not only does Sui LAN like Wang Junkai very much , Even Sui Lan's daughter is a little fan of Wang Junkai .

Worked with Liu Tao 《 Food to pregnancy 》

stay 《 I really love you 》 The play , Xiao Yan played by Liu Tao is definitely Li Meie's “ buster ”. But in reality , It's not the first time they've worked together . They are in 2014 He has cooperated in TV dramas since 《 Food to pregnancy 》, More interesting , In the play , They are also preparing for pregnancy hand in hand , And 《 I really love you 》 DINK's plot is just the opposite .

as everyone knows , When actors portray villains , It can be said that power is not pleasing , If you make complaints about it, you will be tucking away , It's too bad , Some audiences are too involved in the play , It's easy to vent your resentment against the role on the actors .

Sui LAN, who plays Li Meie, is full of desire for survival , While the TV series are popular , Sui Lan also often interacts with fans on personal social platforms , Didn't wait for netizens “ fire ”, Sui LAN began to laugh at herself and make fun of herself .

Sui LAN is worthy of Beidian's teacher , It's a supporting role , But the characters are also brilliant .

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